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Thank you for your e-mail of 9 October regarding your ATM card.

As our e-mail service is for enquiry only, we are unable to accept any banking instructions sent via e-mail. Therefore, may I suggest you to reinstate your ATM card through the steps provided in previous e-mail.

Besides, please use your existing ATM card Personal Identification Number (PIN) to activate the card by performing a balance enquiry via ATMs of UnionPay network within three calendar days. Please disregard the previous e-mail on 5 October and subject to this e-mail, I am sorry any confusion you may cause.

If you have any other questions, please call our Personal Banking Hotline on [111] 2222 3333.


もしその他お問い合わせがある際は、パーソナルバンキングホットライン[111] 2222 3333までお問合せください。