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Thank you for emailing back.We have checked the images you sent,The boxes were deformed. It must happened durring shipping.We are so so sorry.But we really beg for your understanding,that shipping may sometimes cause some damage that we seller cannot control.We had a meeting this morning immediately for your case,and there are two solustion:

1) we arrange redeliery.
2)We would love to refund you 50$ ,you keep the item.
You can choose one solution you prefer.We really tried our best to be helpful.But we some damage caused by shipping, buyer and seller are both victimes.We really beg for your understanding and kindness.




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poweradd sent you a message about your request:

"Sorry for this condition,how about we offer you a refund of 10%,and you don't need to return this to us? If not,we would like to send you a paid label,and you can send it back to us for a full refund,which would you like? Waiting for your reply asap."

To reply now, see your request details.

If you have not agreed on a solution by Feb 24, 2017 , you can ask us to step in and help. If you and your seller need more time to work things out, your request will stay open until Apr 03, 2017.






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Applying for Visa card or other thing , u need to know to write in Japanese , else they do not take the application . Going to new place where all sign board are in Japanese . Using various child jidokan facilities ... All the pamphlet are in Japanese ... If u don't know Japanese or don't have friend to tell u , u cannot use the facilities . At the hospital too no such English preference given .

Before the internet and cell phones, I had trouble finding places when going somewhere new. It was hard at first to ask for help as few spoke English. Now I speak Japanese and have Google Translation to help me!

Lost and found in subway doesn't have English service

Too many to remember.


Visaカードその他の申請にしても、 日本語で記入しなくてはなりません。そうしないと申請を受け付けてくれません。知らないところへ行っても標識は全て日本語表記です。いろいろな児童館を使っているのですが、パンフレットは全て日本語です...日本語を知らなくて、話せる友達もいないと、施設を使えません。病院でも英語の配慮はなされていません。

ネットや携帯電話がなかった頃は、見知らぬ場所に行くのは大変でした。 まず、英語を話す人がほとんどいなかったので、助けを求めるのが難しかったのです。今では私は日本語を話せますし、Google翻訳のおかげで助かっています!



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Now for a more detailed breakdown on what’s already happened and what’s to come. According to the National Institute on Aging, life expectancy increased by around three months per year between 1840 and 2007. In East Asia, the life expectancy at birth has increased by almost 30 years since 1950, growing from 45 to 74. As for the future, the Los Angeles Times mentions life expectancy in Japan will increase to 90.9 years in 2050 from 82.9 in 2000.
The story is similar for Europe and the U.S. The Atlantic notes Sweden saw an increase from 45 years to 83 years for women from 1840 to 2014. The same story said Americans saw their projected age of death rise from 47 to 79 from the beginning of the 20th century to today.


これまで、そして今後についてもう少し詳しくみていこう。米国立老化研究所によると、 1840年から2007年にかけてアメリカ人の平均寿命は年3か月ほど伸びた。東アジアでは、出生時の平均寿命は1950年以降で約30年、45歳から74歳に伸びた。将来について、ロサンゼルスタイムズでは、日本人の平均寿命が2000年の82.9歳から2050年には90.9歳に伸びるとしている。

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If the current growth trend continues, the American life expectancy at birth by the middle of the 21st century will be nine years more than our current one, raising the number to 88.
But keep in mind, with the possibility of medical advancements in the future, these numbers can shift. In fact, universities and research centers have already begun investigating ways to add more healthy years to our lives. The Buck Institute, a biomedical research institute in California, is one of them. They focus only on research related to aging and chronic disease. In a study published in 2013, scientists at the institute were able to increase the lifespan of worms by five times.



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Similarly, in a recent study by Mayo Clinic, researchers were able to increase the lifespan of mice by 35% by removing senescent cells, which slows the rate of wear and tear on organs and tissues that naturally occurs over time. Although neither of these studies have been replicated using humans, they offer a glimpse of what may be in the future.
This might sound great, but the possibilities of radical life extension bring a lot of debate about what advancements could mean for society. Pew Research Center conducted a survey of more than 2,000 American adults in 2013, and more than half of those surveyed had never heard about potential life extension before.



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A lesson from’ fall: Lean or fat, you can still fail raised $25 million last year, bringing its total funding to over $30 million. Fifteen months after its most recent raise, the company “laid off a big chunk of the team, including its VP of Engineering, Head of Open Source, and a dozen engineers” and switched directions for the third time. had started as BenchRank, a ranking system for people. Then it became an open source HTML5 development platform. And after striking out with both ideas, it pivoted to a self-styled “micro app content management” system.


Famo.usの失敗からの教訓: リーンかファットか、それでも失敗する


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For more backgrounder:

・CB Insights: The Dropbox Valuation Is Irrational

・Drew Houston interview with Matthew Panzarino at TechCrunch Disrupt

・The Verge: The case against Dropbox looks stronger with each passing day

・VentureBeat: Drew Houston wants everyone to know that Dropbox isn’t worried about all the chatter that says it’s overvalued and is missing the boat

Mike Trigg is COO of Hightail and manages all marketing, lead generation and e-commerce activity. Prior to Hightail, he founded an online gaming company called Spitball Entertainment and was VP of marketing and business development at hi5 (sold to Tagged), where he helped launch the company’s games portal, virtual currency, and original social game titles.



・CB Insights: Dropboxのバリュエーションは非合理

・Drew Houston氏とMatthew Panzarino氏とのTechCrunch Disruptでのインタビュー

・Verge: Dropboxに対するケースは日増しに強くなるようだ

・VentureBeat: Drew Houston氏は、Dropboxが過大に評価されており好機を逃しているという噂話を気にかけていないことを皆に知ってほしい

Mike Trigg氏はisHightailのCOOで、全てのマーケティングを管理し、ジェネレーションとeコマース活動をリードしている。Hightail以前にはSpitball Entertainmentというオンラインのゲーミング企業を設立したほかhi5 (後にTaggedに売却)でマーケティングと事業開発のバイスプレジデントをしていた。そこで彼は企業のゲームポータル、バーチャル通貨、オリジナルのソーシャルゲーム作品のローンチを手助けした。

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Brett Loubser, head of WeChat Africa, said support from Tencent will include “technical integration and communications tactics across the Naspers stable and other suited channels.” Naspers is South Africa’s largest Internet and media group, offering a wide range of ecommerce services for businesses.

Beyond that, Tencent said that it’s “increasingly focused on integrating with early-stage businesses whose models strategically fit with, and clearly demonstrate, the power of the platform and its positioning in the market.” I’ve previously dived into some of the ways businesses are already using WeChat — and not just in China.


Brett Loubser氏(WeChat Africaのトップ)によれば、Tencentからのサポートには「Naspersの安定した、そして別の好みのチャネル間の技術的な統合・コミュニケーション戦略」が含まれるという。Naspersは南アフリカで最大のインターネット・メディアグループで、企業に対し様々なeコマースサービスを提供している。