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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Alex, Thank you for your message. As you said, I post clips and videos on Vim...

jaytee Translated by jaytee
Dear Alex,

Thank you for your message. You're right, I do upload my videos on sites like Vimeo and YouTube. It was a nice surprise to know that you've found them, which made me really happy.

I work as a professional movie maker that produce commercial movies, and these videos I uploaded are hobby-basis. Making them is not as convenient as the case in my real job, but I truly enjoy doing so because I don't have any restrictions with them, both theme- and time-wise.

I see you are a quite well-known musician, Alex! You seem to have very profound connection with Japan. I'm curious...Would you tell me more about it?

I was very flattered to have received a comment from someone like you. Thanks again!

p.s. As I'm not very good at writing English either, so I had my massage translated with the help of a low-cost-but-reliable translation site called "Conyac."
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Alexさん、メッセージをどうもありがとう。あなたがおっしゃるように、たしかにぼくは、VimeoやYou tubeに動画を投稿しています。見つけていただいたことにとても驚き、また嬉しく思いました。


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