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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Well, well, I do not know how well you are in painting, if you can show me so...

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Well, well, I do not know how well you are in painting, if you can show me some of them, I could tell you how well you are, but you painting technique has potential greatly to work well as a professional after doing well more than a year as it goes up in technique as you practice more. Therefore, what people around us say is not reliable except those who you know well in reality experiencing directly in the Japanese manga industry. I have been working as an assistant for a manga writer and as I have been posted my mangas, I know more or less about this field, but it is now in 2020. For example, if it were in Showa era, although there was no way to be a manga writer except posting mangas and being an assistant, as the internet has been used a lot now, even primary school students can have chances to check their abilities to be seen by posting their works to many of manga writers. So, what others say is important to you. What you have to do is you intention to "write pictures". What important is to draw pictures as many as possible. Draw all day long, day after day..there's no time to get upset. This industry is just like in animation, who has a true ability wins. Nobody draws picutres for you. If they only get in the way with you, then they are just nuisance. It seems that where you are at the moment is not the most ideal situation. Isn't it better to change your environment?
How about go to a place like Tokyo where there are many people who have the similar aim which is to become a manga artist, and at first work as an assistant of a pro manga artist, then sometimes try sending your own work to publishers in order to start your own career. Assistants will be recruited even if they are not high level. The most important thing is whether your personality is compatible with or personality with the teacher, and then the technical skills.
It is also good to enter a school or university with a manga course and improve your skills there.
I checked a school where I can learn manga a little now.
(All are Japanese schools because I am not good at English search, sorry)

No matter what the surroundings say, it's useless. The anime and manga industries have a very long history, and if you have the enthusiasm, you have the right path. It doesn't matter your nationality or age. Hang in there as your direction of achievement is correct.
Open up your own future. For a candidate for cartoonist, passion should be carried on your future, otherwise uncertainty will be dominated. The field of cartoonist is similar to the narrator or other talents. It is no use of crying of being worried whether one can live on. For everyone in success, the passion for the cartoon making is much greater than anxiety of living in the future. For the result of concentrating to create cartoons, the one becomes succeeded in spite of ones self.
You must have a strong passion. Don't crack under incomprehension surroundings.
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ええと、ええと…まず私はあなたの絵の実力を知らないので、何点か作品を見せてもらえるなら、どの程度のレベルか言う事はできますが、絵の技術というのは誰でも上手くなろうと練習すればするほど、それに比例して技術力がUPするので、今現在あなたがどのレベルにいようと一年後はめっちゃ上手くなってプロとして活躍している可能性は大いにありますよね。なので、周囲の言う事は、特に日本のマンガ業界を直接自身の実体験として知っている人以外の言う事は、はっきり言って全くあてにならないと思います。 私はマンガ家さんのアシスタントを少ししていましたし漫画の投稿も多少していたので、此の業界のことは多少なりとも知っていますが、今2020年ですよね?たとえば昭和の時代なら、投稿かアシスタント修行以外に漫画家になる道はありませんでしたが、インターネットが発達した今、小中学生でさえネット環境さえあれば世界中から投稿して大勢に作品を見てもらい評価を受ける機会がいくらでもありますよね?ならば、外野がどう言おうが全然関係ない。あなたがすべき事は「絵を描きたい」という気持ちを大事にする事。 そして、ひたすら絵を大量に描くことです。毎日描いて描いて描いて、悩んでいる暇などありません。この業界はアニメ業界と同じで完全実力主義です。周囲があなたの代わりに絵を描いてくれるわけではないですし、足を引っ張ることしかできないなら、私たちにとって邪魔なだけの存在です。どうやらあなたの置かれている環境はあまりよくないようですね。環境を変えた方が良いのでは?
同じ漫画家を目指す同志が大勢いる場所、例えば東京とかでプロの漫画家のアシスタントでもしながら投稿してデビューを目指しては? アシスタントは左程レベルが高くなくても、採用されます。一番重視されるのは先生と相性が合いそうかどうか性格的なもの、次に技術力です。

周囲に何を言われようと、いちいち相手にしては駄目です。アニメや漫画業界は非常に歴史が長いですし、熱意さえあればちゃんと道は用意されています。国籍も年齢も関係ないですよ。 今のあなたの努力の方向で間違いはないので、負けずに頑張って下さい。

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