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1,素材:PVC トラックのシートなどに使われる丈夫な素材「Tarpaulin」を採用。
2,サイズ:A5サイズ H16㎝ W23cm D1cm
4,旅行、出張での小物収納、ペンケース、化粧ポーチ等 バックインバックとしてご利用いただけます。

6,シンプルなカラーデザインで男女問わずお使いいただけます。 7,トラックのシートなどに使われる丈夫な素材「Tarpaulin」を採用。防滴、防塵、防汚処理。

11,【キーアダプター付き】ビットだけでなく、キーアダプター使用で鍵や小物の携帯にも。お得な3個セット 12,【機能】引上げ脱着を採用。狭所で引っ掛けての抜け落ちを防止します。ダブルボールロックシステムでしっかりロック。スリムカラビナで腰につけても邪魔にならない。
13,【頑丈】 重たいソケットも使用可能 工具取付荷重500g1ヶ当たり引張り強度試験済み。
14,【材質】ホルダーアダプター:アルミ リング:スチール
15,【新色&新デザイン】定番ビットホルダーに新色が登場!人と被らない艶消しレインボーカラー。傷や摩耗に強いアルマイト処理を施しました。 18,【最軽量】どこよりも軽いカラビナ含めて57g❗

23,材質:本体/アルミ リング/スチール
24,全長:54(リング含む) 重量:6g(1個)

25,作業効率UP!本体にビットを付けたまま錐やビットを交換できる。 26,簡単ワンタッチ脱着。真ん中をつまんでスライドロック。
27,ローレット加工による滑り止め効果。 お得な2個セット。
28,製品仕様〇ビット軸6.35mm 〇材質 本体:ステンレス スリーブ:アルミ 〇長さ55mm 直径16mm 〇重量(1ヶ)34g
Translated by karekora
1. Material: PVC. Truck seats use tarpaulin, a durable material.
2. Size: A5 (H16cm x W23cm x D1cm).
3. Uses a "waterproof" zipper. Drip-proof, dust-proof, stain proof. *Not completely waterproof. Set of 3 - black, white, and gray.
4. Can be used as a "bag-in-bag". Also keeps small items together during travel and business trips, such as pens, cosmetics, etc.

5. A convenient shoulder bag for outdoor activities.
6. The simplistic color design can be used by both sexes with ease.
7. Truck seats use tarpaulin, a durable material. Drip-proof, dust-proof, stain proof.
8. Includes a removable shoulder strap that has an adjustable length.
9. [Note] Not completely waterproof.

10. [New color: matte black] A cool and manly item all in black. This simple design can be used outdoors and in everyday use. Treated with alumite to make scratches and wear-and-tear difficult to come by.
11. [Key adapter included] Not only can you use the bit, but you can also use the key adapter to carry keys and other small items. Great value set of 3.
12. [Function] Pull-up to remove to prevents it from falling if caught in a narrow space. Securely lockable with a double ball lock system. Lock doesn't get in the way even if attached to your waist with the slim carabiner.
13. [Sturdy] Can be used with heavy sockets. Tensile strength tested per tool installation load 500g.
14. [Material] Holder adapter: Aluminum. Ring: Steel
15. [New colour & new design] New colours now available for the standard bit holder! A unique matte rainbow color is now available to differentiate yours from others. Treated with alumite to help reduce scratches and wear-and-tear.
18. [Lightweight] Only 57g including the carabiner!
19. Can also be used to carry keys and other small items via using the separately sold ACEG key adapter.

20. Ideal for carrying keys and small items. Great value set of 5.
21. Use alongside the ACEG bit holder sold separately.
22. Aluminum matte black. Treated with alumite to reduce scratches, scratches, and abrasion.
23. Material: Body=Aluminum. Ring=Steel
24. Total length: 54 (including ring). Weight: 6g (per item)

25. Increases work efficiency! The cone and bit can be replaced. The bit is attached to the main body.
26. Easy one-touch removal/attachment. Pinch the middle and slide to lock.
27. Anti-slip effect due to the ridging. A great value set of 2.
28. Product specifications: Bit axis 6.35mm, Material: Body=Stainless steel, Sleeve=Aluminum, Length=55mm, Diameter=16mm, Weight (per item)=34g
29. Note *Please refrain use when working with high torque. *Before use, please ensure the bit is inserted all the way without any chance of coming out when in use.

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