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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Achievement factors for H is J and K. Breakdown of M is 2 L and 4 M. I'll ex...

risa0908 Translated by risa0908
Achievement factors for H is J and K.
Breakdown of M is 2 L and 4 M. I'll explain the main factors in order.
Let me explain about a few points to check in the last meeting.
First point is, it was not achieved at the timing of V due to A, but after V, we conducted B and C.
B was continuous improvement at all the areas, not only in the U.S. C was because of our changing from transportation method in high cost.
Regarding to D, we got a reply that due to cost reduction, such as practical use of half materials, etc. but it seems to be not enough, so we'll continue checking of it.
E was only a small amount and the contents was vague, so I removed it.
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まず1つ目 VではAの理由により未達成でしたが、V以降、BとCを行いました。

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