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[Translation from Japanese to English ] It is a famous wholesaler in Osaka that can sell to those speciality stores. ...

tearz Translated by tearz
It is a famous wholesaler in Osaka that can sell to those speciality stores.
Please propose the lowest possible price as I am not going to charge you for the fees. Where can I find the items you wish to sell? I propose these two companies only for the stock list. I sure will respond to your questions, so may I get in touch with you via email? A pre-line order has been placed already, so it is difficult to place an order this time. And I still have lots of stocks because the delivery for the previous order was late. Although the same part number, does it mean that the product spec will change?
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提案しません。あなたの質問に必ず答えますので、メールで対応させて頂きませんか。既にプレラインでオーダーをして、今回 発注が難しい。また、前回 発注した商品が、納期が遅かったから、まだ 在庫がいっぱいあります。同じ品番ですが、商品の仕様が変わると言う事ですか。

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