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[Translation from Japanese to English ] 1) I am considering to purchase records, could you please mail me to check "D...

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1) レコードの購入を検討していますが、"DERAM" gatefold sleeve の状態を確認できる写真を数枚、わたしのemailアドレスに送っていただけませんか?
2) 私の職歴

3) テーマパークにおけるアトラクションの内装ペイントやライドの特殊塗装 

4) アトラクション内部の塗装現場写真
Translated by steveforest
1 I am considering buying a record but could I ask you to send me some photos to be able to check the condition of the "DERAM" gatefold sleeve for my email address?
2 My work experience
3 Special paintings of the internal painting and the rides of the attraction at the theme park.
4 The photos of the painting on site of the attraction inside.

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I worked for the broadcaster as an engineer for over 35 years.
During my car...