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Junior high school students who are extroverted and lonely prefer SNS
- Analysis of using SNS time by diary method survey -

There are a lot of concerning shown about excess using of SNS by Japanese young people on smartphone.
This research made an examination for the relation between extroversion, loneliness and using SNS time on smartphone referring to ABC research.
Got a result from 70 junior high school students in Japanese nationwide by executing diary method survey in order to evaluate using time precisely.
Result from multiple regression analysis controlled male/female and free time at home,
all of item about extroversion,sense of loneliness,interaction effect is significant.
Result from analysis of interaction term,
there is no relation between sense of loneliness and using time of SNS about low extroversion group
(low loneliness group 27 minutes, high loneliness group 28 minutes)
About high extroversion group, sense of loneliness and using time of SNS is seen as relation.
(low loneliness group 34 minutes,high loneliness group 49 minutes)

In the group of both of extroversion and loneliness is high,
using time of SNS is long significantly.
It shows that the situation which there are not so many friends becomes possibility to communicate on SNS.
And it also shows that using SNS may not possibility to mitigate loneliness.

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