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MKGeoJSONDecoder should feel pretty familiar to you.
You simply create your decoder, you passage your data and it will return an array of either MKGeoJSONFeatures or MapKit's geometry such as MKPolygon or MKPolylines and so on.
And this depends on how your GeoJSON is structured because you can either have features in your top level or geometry in
your top level GeoJSON.
So if you take a look at how this example GeoJSON from before would be decoded by the MKGeoJSONDecoder, we can realize that since this one has a single feature, our resulting array will just have one item.
But the decoder also decodes the geometry into MapKit classes.
pokopoko Translated by pokopoko
しかしながら、このプログラマーは、MapKit クラスとしても幾何学を解読します。

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