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The camera looks as described, however there's a problem with the 50mm/f1.4 Nikkor lens s/n #5509867. The aperture does not open past f4.0. in other words, the lens stops down for f16; f11; f8; and f5.6. After that the aperture won't open any further. It appears to be stuck tight. I removed the lens from the body, but the aperture still wouldn't open past f4.0 (f2.8; f2.0; f1.4). This was very frustrating as I was excited to receive the camera, only to find a major problem with the aperture on the lens! What to do? Here are 2 options;

I can return the entire camera for a full refund plus shipping charges to Victoria, B.C. Canada;

I could keep the camera and you can refund me $500.00 USD, which I'd have to pay to have the lens repaired....

I look forward to your response and solution to this problem.
Translated by chibbi
カメラは説明通りのようですが、50mm/f1.4 Nikkor lens s/n #5509867に問題があります。f4.0.をすぎると絞りが開きません。言い換えますと、レンズがf16; f11; f8; and f5.6.で停止します。それ以上絞りが開きません。固定されて動かないようです。本体からレンズを外しましたがf4.0 (f2.8; f2.0; f1.4)を越えると絞りが開きません。カメラが届いた時とても嬉しかったのでレンズの絞りに大きな問題があることにはイライラします。どうしたらよいでしょう?2つの選択があります。


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