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[Translation from Japanese to English ] ● Rainfall at launch should be 8 mm / h or less ● The flight path should not...

medabots1996 Translated by medabots1996
● Rainfall at launch should be 8 mm / h or less
● The flight path should not pass through the cumulonimbus cloud
● The aircraft is not subject to air discharge (lightning) before launching and during flight
● There should be no thundercloud within the radius of 10 km around the point of origin
● Do not commit launching for a while if lightning is detected within 20 km from the flight path.
● Do not launch when the flight path passes near thunderclouds, cumulonimbus clouds, etc.
● The falling point of each waste should be within the fall prediction area
● Engine's steering angle should be less than the limit value
● The load applied to the aircraft during flight must not exceed the design load
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