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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Sakedachi-no-magaibutsu Important cultural property of the town designated ...

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1782年から起きた天明の大飢饉による痛ましい状況を見て、修験者(山を聖域として修行する日本古来の宗教)が五穀豊穣、疫病退散を願い2代にわたり完成させてと伝えられている。 天明の大飢饉は江戸時代の三大飢饉の一つでもっとも深刻な被害をだした。東日本を中心に天候不順による食料不足、政治に問題もあり餓死に続き疫病も流行しました。
31,33,38,48,50,51,は県内ではここだけ。 49,はここ福島県と大分県の日本で2カ所だけどと言われています。
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Sakedachi no Magaibutsu
"Important Cultural Property" designated by town.
It is said that learning the tragic situation happened by the Famine of Tenmei started in 1782, mountain ascetic (Japanese ancient religion learning asceticism for mountains as sacred areas) wishing for a fruitful harvest and curing infectious decease, was completed for two generations.
Famine of Tenmei was one of three cases of famine experienced in Edo era and it produced most severe damage during that time.
In the central of eastern Japan, food shortage because of bad weather along with problem on the political issue was continued to lead the death of starvation and infectious decease.
31, 33, 38, 48, 50 and 51 are only found here in Fukushima.
49 is said to be only found here in Fukushima, and Oita in Japan.

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