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少しの余談ですが、現在ではいくつかの高IQ集団のメンバーでもありますので、もし同じ集団に属する方が入れば声をかけてくださいね。(Magnus, Civiq, Torr, ... メンサについてはまだ受験する機会がないのでメンサンではないです)

主にスピードと正確さはもちろん、その他には文章の流れと著者の意図などを重視しています。普通の翻訳であれば利用する機会が少ないが長い文章になると、SDL TradosなどのようなCATソフトを正確さを上げるために使っております。

Currently, I'm residing in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Since I have come to Japan for 4 years, I'm used to Japanese as well as Japan's culture.
My mother tongue is Vietnamese. However, due to my family, I've been learning English since I was young and became bilingual. Though not as fluent as Japanese / English / Vietnamese, I also learned German, French and other languages as well ( However, I'm not confident in translating these languages )
After graduating from high school, due to some document complications, I couldn't go to America and instead, chose Japan for my further studies. At first, I studied at a language school, but right now, I'm currently a student at Shinshu University in Nagano Prefecture. My major is in Engineering, and to be more specific, in controlling and machine design.
My current goal is to enter The University of Tokyo's graduate program. In the future, I want to a job closely related to Medical or Agriculture.
Other than that, though it's just only a hobby, I also play the Piano. Although I only play classical music, I also listen to lots of other genres, such as Jazz, Ballad, RnB. If you are interested in music as well, maybe we could have a chit-chat, so just send me a message.
And though it's not that important, I'm also a member of some High IQ Societies, such as Magnus, Civiq, Torr, ... ( I'm not a Mensan since I still don't have time to take the official entrance tests ) so if you are a member of these societies too, make sure to give me a message as I'm sure there will be some common interest between us.

*Work Experience: 1 year
Aside from speed and accuracy, I also focus on the flow as well as the primary idea authors would like to express. While there are not many chances to use it in regular/short translations, I also use CAT Software such as SDL Trados to assist me for better accuracy.

*Translated document examples :
+Everyday E-mails / Conversations
+Company's Notices
+Papers related to Computers / IT
+User's Manual
+Travel/Business blog articles


Language Pair Area of Specialty Experience Description Example Translations
English → Japanese Gaming 1 year I used to work as a game designer during my younger time, and therefore I'm familiar with different terms used in games. I can work with a large range of genres, including RPG, FPS, TPS, .... Even though I no longer work in the industry, I'm still keeping up to date with the latest news and trends, such as new trends in E-Sports, games made for VR and AR systems, ...
English → Vietnamese Travel 1 year View Examples
English → Vietnamese IT 1 year I have been using the Internet since I was young, and therefore have had the chance to work on website designing as well as online businesses, I'm familiar with general terms in IT as well as online markets. Even as of now, I'm still keeping myself up to date with the latest trends such as cryptocurrency, ...
Japanese → English Travel 1 year
Japanese → English Business 1 year
Japanese → English Computer Software 1 year

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