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Now when I say updating your app or supporting VoiceOver, I'm not talking about creating or maintaining a alternative or simplified layout or tailored to a subsection of users.
It's about allowing all users to access the experience that you created.

Supporting VoiceOver makes your app more inclusive.
VoiceOver users are more likely to choose you app over other apps that don't support VoiceOver.

Now it's easy to take for granted your app because it's your app.
You know exactly what it does, what it's supposed to do, how it's supposed to do it.
But we take a lot of those things for granted, and when I say testing with VoiceOver gives you a new perspective, it's getting a chance to experience your app in a new way. VoiceOver goes beyond the way your app location looks.
I mean an app might look good, but that doesn't make it usable.
So side-scrolling states, hover states, they can all give the allusion of straightforward, clean, easy-to-use interface.
But testing with VoiceOver goes beyond that, and so it allows you to discover new challenges and insights.
that assume as a user that there isn't anything before it, and so you might be leaving your users without all the story.

The other side of testing VoiceOver is about getting familiar with the expected result, and that means getting outside your app and starting to experience areas that already have a good VoiceOver experience.
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しかし、私たちはこれらのことを当然のこととして考えており、VoiceOverでテストすると、新しい視点が得られまれ、 新しい方法であなたのアプリを体験する機会が増えます。



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