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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I thought that the letter was "How is this?”, but I like the performance of t...

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I thought each performance has a connotation. However, it was hard to extend my thought to each action and dialogue personally. Because of my lack of understanding and premise for this performance. In addition I never thought to overcome to understand beyond it.

My strong feeling is, including corespondent of three mails since a month ago, I have done a big experience taking a long time .rather than "to watch a stage"

I still feel now that I had a great time. I recalled the words I learned when I was a student, "Those enlightened threw himself into the cliff one after another." I knew that this meant ones who learned spiritual state of nothingness threw themselves into the cliffs, but I think when you know everything about nothingness, you might not be able to just stay there. I thought like this when I saw the dancer running away in the last scene.
I thought this was the beginning and I wanted to know what happens next.

I think a part of what happened there was myself, rain and performers.

White space, image of people walking, voice sounds like crying and the sound of rain remain unexpectedly memorable. As each resident living in each room of an apartment, the world of one separated person goes along in one single play where each of them shares one space along with the collage and they get interested what’s in the middle which brings them smiles and curiosities, and they walk away, and pass like a wind,

The struggling part gave me a great impact and got me feeling like as if some unknown substance runs around on the back or wings grow where they realised the existence of words and concepts after they got to know each other, felt anxious about each other and passed each other without shaking each other’s hands.

It was an experience where I felt like as if time went by more slowly. Since it was a style of a performance that you would be led into the theatre when you read into the letters you received one month earlier, it made me feel like I was able to be involved in the work for a longer time which was very new drawing a certain line from the way we enjoy other arts.
Normally, we go through a process where we find the work, we watch it and we ruminate it but as to this one, it takes us much longer to get to find the work itself and this process where we trace the part of the work will allow us to get involved in it like for the longest time which even get your own self to be part of the work and that in a way, feels like the way we watch it the richest. Normally when I add a theatregoing in my plan, I just write it on my iPhone. What was interesting about this project was I received a letter regularly like an alert until the performance date. "Replying" to the letter could be a nuisance, depending on the time until the performance. However, I do believe it encourages one's frame of mind and helps to generate positiveness when causing reasonable trouble yet producing a space for viewers.

To make it simple, I try explessing in tanka.
First, wind is born
then the words follow
pain of wings growing on one's back What I have seen in the hall gave me a new word. When I heard each point they are good at, sound,word, form, body and voice, I felt them soaked in the skin after they were mixed in the universe and mixed in rain after running away. I thought that I want to write down the time and space. While I was thinking about them, I remembered that hot Hojicha (tea) in the plastic bottle I had purchased at vending machine in the station was not good as I had expected. Then I decided that I do not throw away a navy blue dress I was going to throw away. When I was in the hall after arriving there, I felt that it was a very special place.
No one in this town knows this kind of special event is happening in this warehouse.
I thought that it was very wonderful that, of course, friends in Tokyo, acquaintance and my parents do not know my experience.

I remember now that I remember not by whole scene but by the scene flashing back.
Among them, the feeling at the body I felt by sound (musical instrument called "Hamon") strongly remains at my body.

I remember that I felt my body was clear after I left the hall after the performance. It was raining heavily and it was my first time to get there and so far away. I could see a faint light coming from inside the building. Will I enter here illegally? I was nervous and found a small space just enough to enter inside after following a rope. I seemed to have arrived safely. I was relieved from nervousness but I had no expectations towards the performance. All I had was anger feeling why I have to experience things like this.

I thought arriving to the venue following the letters was unusual because a lot of physical movement is required for audiences more than just watching. It was like cutting into consciousness and unconsciousness. It makes me feel like I want to experience it again.
I thought that the letter was "How is this?”, but I like the performance of the brick warehouse very much. I think that it is the first time to perform here. Regardless I considered it to neatly suit the atmosphere. I am looking forward to the company dance in the future.

Some remain rampantly in the body, many times, many will disappear without ruminating again and again.

I was thinking this idly while watching the performance - the difference between the bright landscape of Maebashi in my memory, what I saw on the day, and the question that my body is growing old. It was also a time for me and to ask questions about the past.
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いい時間を過ごしたという思いは今でも感じている。 学生の時に知った「悟りを開いたものは次々と崖に身を投げた」という言葉を思い出した。これは「無」という境地を知り、それで身を投げたのだが、知り得た時、もうそこにはいられないのかもしれない。ラストシーンにダンサーが走り去る姿をみてそう思った。


白い空間、歩く人々の様子、鳴き声のような声、雨の音は何となく意外と記憶に残っているなと思う。 まるでマンションに暮らしているそれぞれの部屋の住人のようにバラバラの一人の世界がひとつの舞台に並行していて、それが、切り絵とともに、皆がひとつの空間を共有し、中心に関心を持ち微笑や好奇心が形づくられ、すれちがい、風のように去っていったり、


時間の体感がゆるやかになる経験だった。 一か月前に送られてくる手紙を読み進めると会場にたどり着く、という形式の作品であったため、長い時間の中で作品に触れられてるような感覚になり、他の芸術の鑑賞方法とは一線を画す様で、新鮮に感じられた。
通常、作品と出会って、鑑賞して、反芻する形式だが、本作は、作品そのものに実際出会うまでの道のりが長く、作品の一端を時間をかけて辿っていく過程があることが、作品に触れる時間を長大にしてくれ、作品に自身も溶け込んでいくような気がして、それが、ある意味では贅沢な鑑賞方法のように思った。 通常は、観劇の予定を入れる際は、iPhoneにスケジュールを書き込むだけだが、本プロジェクトで興味深かったのは、それまでに定期的にアラートのように、手紙が届く、という点だ。その手紙に「返事を出す」ということは、公演までの期間にもよるが、負担になりかねない。しかし、適度な負担、鑑賞側も観劇の空間を作っているという心がまえをうながすという積極性を生み出す可能性はあると感じる。

まず風がうまれて言葉がついてくる背(せな)に翼の生える苦しみ 会場で見せてもらったものは、わたしに新しい言葉をもたらした。それぞれの得意を、音を、ことばを、かたちを、からだを、声を、きかせてもらうと、宙で攪拌されたそれらが、走り去って雨に混じるそれらが、皮膚に染み込むようだった。その時間を、空間を、書きとめたいと思った。思いながら、駅の自販機で買った、ペットボトルのあったかいほうじ茶ラテが、思いのほかおいしくなかったことを考えていた。そして、あした捨てようと思っていたネイビーのワンピースを、やはり捨てないでいようと決めた。 たどり着いてから会場にいる間、すごく特別な場所の様に思えた。


公演を体験後、会場から出た後、身体がすっきりしていたように記憶している。 激しい雨で遠い初めての場。建物の中からかすかに光が漏れている。不法侵入になってしまうのだろうか?ドキドキしながらロープの先を歩いて行きなんとか入れるスペースがあり敷地に入る。到着出来たようだ。不安からは解放されたがこの時は公演への期待感は全くなく、なぜこんな思いをしなければならないのかと怒りしかなかった。

手紙を辿って会場に赴くのは、観客にとって公演を見る以上に身体的に動きが必要で、珍しいのではと思った。意識と無意識の境目に切り込んでいく様な。また体験したい気持ちになる。 手紙は「どうなの?これ?」と思ったが、レンガ蔵のパフォーマンスはとても好き。あの場所でやるのは初めてかと思うが、すごく馴染んでいたと感じる。これからもカンパニーのダンスを楽しみにしている。



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