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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Warm with a heater or a melting device and then pull out the bundle. Heat t...

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Heater又は、Melting Deviceで加熱し、Bundleを引き抜く。240℃設定で昇温していき、引き抜き可能になるまで、樹脂を加熱する。


karekora Translated by karekora
Warm with a heater or a melting device and then pull out the bundle.
Heat the resin until it reaches a temperature of 240℃ and becomes able to be pulled out.

Use the membrane filter in order to measure the clarity of the elements and confirm the number of foreign matter.

At 〇〇, the quality of the resin is increasing as required even though the production volume is also increasing. In order to keep these high standards, we have to increase the number of times it is cleaned. However, we don't want to have to send someone to the Taiwanese supplier for issues with quality, and if we clean it in Japan (at our company) then there is a chance that the deadline date cannot be met.

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