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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Deepens one's understanding about health/safety of personal and social life,...

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*人間の欲求と適応規制機制にはさまざまな種類があることを理解します。 *感染症の予防には適切な対策が必要であることを理解します。
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Deepens one's understanding about health/safety of personal and social life, appropriately manages one's health throughout one's life, and develops his/her quality and ability for improvement.
Understands the improvement of health standard and the structure of diseases have been transforming.
Understands the importance of one's appropriate decision making and behavior selection regarding health.
Understands the necessity of health lifestyle in order to prevent lifestyle disease and health maintenance and enhancement to make an appropriate decision making and behavior selection.
*Understands that there are a various types of human desire and defense mechanism.
*Understands the necessity of appropriate measures for infectious disease prevention.
Understands the importance to appropriately cope with desires and stress and strives for self-realization.
In order to prevent traffic accidents, one understands the characteristics of a vehicle, has an attitude to behave appropriately including safe driving and walking and respect one's/other's life.
Understands the meaning of first-aid treatment, proper procedure, and implement them.
Understands the meaning and principle of CPR, and implement it.
Throughout the learning of health of physical education for 1 year, make a pair with another student who discovered the same interest and seek for a solution and perform a presentation.

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