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Aiming to understand numbers and expressions, geometry and measurements, quadratic function, and data analysis, and to obtain fundamental knowledge and skills.
Aiming to be able to brush up the skill to examine phenomena mathematically, recognize the advantages of mathematics, and utilize those.
Being able to understand meanings of terms on expressions, and arrange integral expressions.
Being able to do fundamental calculation such as formula for addition/subtraction/multiplication of integral expressions.
Being able to utilize the formula of factorization.
Being able to solve expressions which include roots.
Being able to solve linear/simultaneous inequality.
Aiming to handle sets by visualizing them and understand definitions and usages of symbols. You study the definition of proposition, requirement and sufficient condition, and can catch the relation of assembly.
Understand the meaning of the converse, reverse and contraposition, learn the way of proof and cultivate the logical ability to think.
You can find the sine, cosine and tangent using right triangle.
You can represent the length of the side of right triangle with trigonometric ratio and use them.
You can understand mutual relations of the trigonometric ratio and find the remaining values from one value.
You understand the trigonometric ratio expanded illustrating on the coodinate plane, can find the angle from the value of trigonometric ratio. You can utilize law of sines or law of cosines, and find radius of circumcircle, lengths of sides, and degrees. In addition, you can use the formula of trigonometric ratio, and find areas of a triangles.
You can understand the idea of function, and handle fundamental terms/symbols.
You can change y=ax^2+ bx + c into y=a(x-p)^2+ q, find vertex/axis, and draw graphs. In addition, you can utilize the graphs, and find maximum values or minimum values.
You can determine quadratic functions from given conditions.
You can solve quadratic equations by using factorization or formulas for solutions. You understand the relations between the coincidence of discriminant D and the real solution, can find the graph of quadratic function and the numbers of the x-axis in common and the positional relation by using the discriminant D.
You understand the meaning of a solution of quadratic inequality and can find the solution.
You understand the methods of calculation of the average value, median and mode and the characteristic as the representative value of data.
You understand the quartile and quartile deviation, draw box-and-whisker plot, and can compare with the distribution of data.
You understand the deviation, dispersion and standard deviation, and can calculate.
By making the scatter plot, you can catch the correlation of the two variables visually.
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数と式,図形と計量, 2次関数,データの分析について理解し,基礎的な知識の習得と技能の習塾を図る。
集合を視覚的に表現して処理することができ,記号の定義や使い方を理解する。 命題,必要条件,十分条件の定義を学び,集合の関係でとらえることができる。
拡張された三角比を座標平面に図示して理解し三角比の値から角度を求めることができる。 正弦定理や余弦定理を活用し,外接円の半径,辺の長さや角の大きさを求めることができる。また,三角比の面積公式を用い,三角形の面積を求めることができる。
y=ax^2+ bx + c を y=a(x-p)^2+ q)の形に変形し,頂点・軸などを求め,グラフをかくことができる。また.グラフを活用し,最大値や最小値を求めることができる。
因数分解や解の公式を用いて2次方程式を解くことができる 判別式Dの符号と実数解の関係を理解し, 2次関数のグラフとx軸の共有点の個数や位置関係を,判別式Dを利用して求めることができる。

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