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[Translation from Japanese to English ] We had a DR simulation carried out last year by the ones in charge of the net...

michael_1987 Translated by michael_1987 ka28310 Translated by ka28310
We had a DR simulation carried out last year by the ones in charge of the network of the ●● company and ▲ company group.

The kind of implementation
① For the purpose of confirming the question, "can you continue your current work even in times of disaster?", each company posted what they were troubled about not being able to do.
② From a situation that is not an inner company environment (iPhone tethering, e-Mobile use), entering into the company network, and the enforcement of usually occuring work.
③ "Things you could do", and "things you can't do" were written up with ①, and compiled in a list. Consequently, I was relieved that I received the answer that there was almost no problem.

Here, I used the software which are Amazon WorkSpaces and Sophos VPN Client.
By installing such software, I can work from other networks than our intranet.
The environment where I can work from home might come true in near future,
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③「できたこと」「出来ないこと」を①で作成した、リストに記載。 この結果、ほぼ、問題なくできたという回答をいただき安心しました。

ここで使ったソフトウェアは、Amazon WorkSpaces, Sophos VPN Clientを、利用致しました。

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I was born in Australia. At the age of 21, a strong interest in Japanese history and culture compelled me to study the language. In 2009, I studied...
I have been working in semiconductor system LSI design and verification business field for many years.
I will try my best to translate Japanese/En...

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