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I was born in Australia. At the age of 21, a strong interest in Japanese history and culture compelled me to study the language. In 2009, I studied at Tokyo's Komazawa University on a one month exchange program. It was such a wonderful experience, it led me to study at Shimonoseki University in Yamaguchi prefecture on a one year exchange in 2011. I have now been living in Aichi prefecture in Japan since August 2014, and intend to be living in Japan for the foreseeable future. I started translating for conyac in November 2016, and have completed over 400 standard, and 300 light requests. I have experience and interest in translating a very wide range of topics. I am very happy to receive any job no matter the payment or the length, as at the very least, I see it as valuable experience. I have a particularly wide knowledge of sports, food, and nutrition, and particularly enjoy topics related to tourism, however, I am yet to come across something that I have been unable to translate. Please come to me with any Japanese to English translation needs. I can assure you that I will be thorough and prompt with all of my effort in each individual translation.
得意分野: ビジネス全般、観光分野、スポーツと栄養分野。
学歴: 2009年2月~2012年12月: オーストラリアのクインズランド大学外国語学部日本語学科在籍
私自身について: 1987年、オーストラリアで生まれました。日本の文化と歴史に興味があって、2009年に日本語の勉強を始めました。今迄は合計4年間ぐらい日本に住み、2014年8月から愛知県に住んでいます。2016年11月、Conyacに翻訳者として登録。現在に至るまでConyac上で扱った翻訳の内容は、400件以上のSTANDARD依頼、300件以上のLIGHT依頼です。

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