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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Thank you for your reply. I know that you are busy. I am interested in "Awak...

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どちらかといえば、私は、"Awake Joseph"に興味があります。


"Darren Awake"は、友人が欲しいと言っている人形です。

よって、"Darren Awake"のキット代だけ先にお支払いしますので、完成を、春頃にしていただくことは可能でしょうか?

Translated by steveforest
Thanks for your reply while you must be busy.
I prefer "Awake Joseph" if anything.

Also, I have a question.
Please don't hesitate to tell me if you decline it.

"Darren Awake" is the doll which my friend wants.

She would like to pay in May or June.
For this, we will pay for the kit of "Darren Awake" in advance, would it be possible to complete it by coming Spring?

Of course, once we are ready for the payment, I will make contact with you soon.
There might be a possibility to prepare the money early.

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