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"Contents and Objectives of Each Lesson"

An energetic greeting! We encourage you to be independent by letting you dress yourself up.

Playing your favorite games with your friends and learning at the same time.

Learning the basic communication skills with greetings and self-introduction in English.

Learning new vocabularies and phrases with the right usage.

Learning the English alphabets and its sounds.
☆Take-home CDs and DVDs on songs about Phonics are available so that you can learn at home. You'll cultivate creation and generation through the development of figuring out their usage through study, while coming into contact with a variety of production materials.

You'll study the functions of movement and brush strokes with the necessary details of the fingers for "writing", through lessons aimed at writing the alphabet.

You'll study methods of counting based on maths and various forms.
☆The contents of this class are in Japanese, for the time for the cultivation of knowledge.

You'll apply to yourself the necessary daily skills for healthy living like hand washing, and an appropriate sociality.
You 'll study experientially what people in different jobs do, and by actually acting out how you can make a contribution to society, putting the nuts and bolts of English to practical use.
For example: bus drivers, florists, doctors, firefighters, police officers etc.

You can do toilet training with an introduction to the toilet at an appointed time. Also, you can continue training with the aim of putting it on and removing it yourself. Playing outside will stimulate the five senses, and stimulate the brain into an abundance of feelings. They can increase their stamina through body movement, and create a healthy body. Also, they can furnish themselves with a sociality by learning traffic rules.
Every day there is outdoor play and strolling, but on days without Olympia (physical education), they'll spend even longer playing outdoors.

They will furnish themselves not only with enjoying food, but table manners.
By taking an interest in food, they will come to eat not what they like and dislike. They'll study musical rhythm and melody, and enjoy singing various songs.
☆In Japanese classes, they'll sing Japanese songs.

The power of imagination will be abundant through thinking about old tales, and through daydreaming they'll develop their expressive power. Also, they'll be raised with a compassionate spirit and intellectual curiosity through stories. This intellectual curiosity is the source of the desire for learning.
☆As reading and listening is done in English and Japanese, they can study a wide range of vocabulary, not limited to everyday life. By using the skipping rope, balance beam, vaulting horse, iron bar, mat, ball etc., "balance", "physical strength", "high power", "jumping power", "bearing capacity", "pull up strength" etc., we have a curriculum which harvests good balance through whole-body exercise.
In addition, they'll enjoy learning harvesting games, the necessity of obeying rules, co-operation etc. through exercise and play.

English . . . twice a week
Japanese . . . once a week
※Studying the English physical exercise program in Japanese as well is a good point for improving language learning. Japanese lesson
・Intellectual training: pattern blocks, counting, number concepts, shapes, comparison, seasons, motor skills, production, cooking, hiragana etc.
・Life: self-reliance, manners, discipline, Japanese culture (events)
・Music: song, rhythmic, rhythm, musical instruments

With the aim of increasing "the ability to think about things for yourself", flexible thinking ability, suggestive powers, logical thinking ability, and the power to express thoughts, they will raise their creativity. In addition, it includes the same curriculum as Japanese kindergarten and nursery school, such as Japanese events and culture, songs and rhythmic, manners, discipline etc.
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☆Phonicsの歌のCDとDVDを持ち帰りますのでご家庭で復習ができます。 様々な製作素材に触れながら、それらの使い方を学び工夫して制作をすることで創造生成を培います。



手の洗い方など健康的な生活に必要な日常的スキルと、適切な社会性を身に着けます。 それぞれの職業の人が何をするのか、どのように社会貢献するのかを実際に演じることで体験的に学び、英語の実践的、応用的使用を行います。

時間を決めてトイレに誘いトイレトレーニングを行います。また、自分で着脱できることを目標としてトレーニングを進めていきます。 外遊びをすることで五感が刺激され、感情が豊かになり脳を活性化させます。体を動かすことで体力もつき、健康な体を作ることができます。また、交通ルールを学ぶこともでき社会性も身に付きます。


☆読み聞かせは英語と日本語で行いますので、日常生活に限定されない幅広い語彙を学ぶことができます。 縄跳び、平均台、跳び箱、鉄棒、マット、ボールなどを使用して「平衡性」「筋力」「瞬発力」「跳躍力」「支持力」「懸垂力」など、全身運動をバランスよく取り入れたカリキュラムで行っています。

※英語で行った体育プログラムを日本語でもやることで、語学学習の向上に良い点があります。 日本語レッスン
・知育:パターンブロック、数える、数の概念、図形、比較、季節、Motor Skills、製作、クッキング、ひらがななど


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