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[Translation from English to Japanese ] The 6 Weirdest Gadgets from CES 2017 CES 2017, the Consumer Electronics Show,...

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The 6 Weirdest Gadgets from CES 2017
CES 2017, the Consumer Electronics Show, is well under way. As always, CES brings out the weirdest and most experimental gadgets imaginable and puts them in the spotlight. Some of these products feel like clever technology straight out of a science fiction novel—and others are just straight weird.
Here are some of the weirdest and most interesting gadgets from CES this year:
6. Smart Cane
A smart cane seems like a silly idea on the surface, but it’s probably a lot more useful than other items that have arbitrarily been given smart features. It’s made by a French company called Dring and it’s main function is the ability to notify family members if the person has fallen or has an emergency. When you think about it that way, a smart cane could actually be a very helpful product for the elderly.
5. Sensorwake Oria
If you have trouble waking up on time, you’ve probably tried just about anything to get you out of bed in the morning. The Sensorwake Oria is providing a bizarre solution to the problem: fart smells. Okay—it’s not just farts, but the idea of the device is to put it next to your bed and have it pump out odors to wake you up. 4. Smart Underwear
Of course there’s smart underwear! But the function of this smart underwear isn’t what you’d think: it’s to protect your precious privates from radiation. That’s right. The startup wants to protect you from the danger of smartphone radiation that could supposedly have a negative effect on sperm.
3. Hover Camera Passport Flying Selfie Camera
We always knew this would come eventually, but CES has finally given us what we’ve all always wanted: a selfie drone that follows us around at all times.
In other words, the Hover Camera Passport is your own personal paparazzi. It’s not all just for self-obsessive narcissism though. In the video above, the company shows off examples of some fun action shots such as having the drone follow you off a cliff jump or follow you from behind on a bike ride. What’s more, the drone looks like it’s really good at self-balancing and not crashing into things.
2. Hydrao Smart Showerhead
Here’s a gadget you probably never though you needed, but if you’re a conservationist, it could be pretty useful. The Hydrao Smart Showerhead measures how much water you’re using in your shower, and lets you know when you’ve gone over your suggested water limit.
The interesting (and slightly weird) thing about the showerhead is the way it notifies you: by changing colors.
When you’ve gone over, the lights change colors, which I’d imagine would be a really great way to freak out your houseguests.
1. Smart Hairbrush
We’ve seen all sorts of silly products that “smart” capabilities have been dumped onto—but none quite like this. The smart hairbrush comes a team-up between wearable developers Withings and beauty company L’Oreal.
The idea is that as you use this WiFi-enabled hairbrush, it is monitoring both the health of your hair and the way you are brushing it. The market for such a product is pretty niche, though (like things like smart toothbrushes) if you’re serious about your hair, maybe this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.
maruko- Translated by maruko- [Deleted Account] Translated by [Deleted Account] chibbi Translated by chibbi
CES2017、コンヒューマー エレクトロニクス ショーは順調です。いつのもように、CESは奇妙で実験的で想像を超える機器を展示し、スポットライトを浴びています。ここに展示されている物の中には、まるでSF小説からそのまま出てきたような素晴らしい技術のものもあり、その他の物も奇妙なものばかりです。
6.スマート ケーン
スマートケーンは表面上はばかばかしいアイディアのように見えますが、気の利いた特徴を持つ他のアイテムよりもより役に立つと思います。  それは、ドリングというフランスの会社が製造したもので、主な機能はもし人が倒れたり緊急事態になったときに、家族を知らせることです。そのようなことを考える時には、スマートケーンはお年寄りにはとても役に立つものだと思います。
5.センサーウェイク オリア
 時間通りに起きるのが難しい時は、朝にベットから出るために何かしようとするでしょう。センサーウェイク オリアは奇妙な起こし方をします。おならのにおいです。大丈夫です、普通のおならではありませんが、その機械はベッドの隣に置いておくとあなたの目が覚めるようなにおいを出すのです。
4位 スマート下着
3位 ホバーカメラパスポート 飛行セルフィーカメラ
言い換えれば、ホバーカメラパスポートはあなた専用のパパラッチである。とはいえ自己に酔いしれたナルシストだけのためではない。 上記のビデオでは崖からドローンに追われてジャンプしたり、自転車に乗っている後ろから追って来たりという楽しい遊びの例を観せています。他にはドローン自体が物にぶつかることなくバランスをとても上手に保ったりしています。
2 ハイドラオスマートシャワーヘッド
シャワーヘッドのユニークな(少々変わった)ことは色を変えることでそのことを教えてくれるというものです。 終了した際に、ライトの色が変わり、これは家に来たお客様を本当に素晴らしい方法で驚かせることと私は思います。
1 スマートヘアーブラシ

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