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Smart people need to spend more time alone, new study suggests
Socialising and chatting with friends, meeting up for a drink and catch-up to chew the fat, is commonly seen as something good for our mental health.
But smart people, it turns out, are better off alone.
Well, that's what researchers in a recent study are claiming, anyway.
The British Journal of Psychology claims population density and friendship can affect our happiness.
Evolutionary psychologists Kanazawa and Li have discovered, while people generally feel happier when they spend time with others, very smart people are an exception to this rule. The psychologists say that the lifestyle of our ancient ancestors form the basis of what makes us happy in the modern era.
Their study was carried out on 15,000 adults, between the age of 18 and 28, and the results weren’t too jaw-dropping.
It turns out people who lived in more densely populated areas were less satisfied with their life in general, compared to those who live in less populated areas.
Psychologists also discovered that the more social a person is with their close friends, the greater they said their happiness was.
But - there was a key exception.
The findings, it turns out, were actually diminished - or, remarkably, even reversed - when the results of intelligent people were scrutinised. In other words: when smart people spend time with their friends, it makes them less happy.
Researchers say this is because intelligent people can more easily adapt to their surroundings in the modern world, so they don’t need close relationships to help them with food and shelter, like our ancestors did.
Another theory put forward is that smarter people are more aspirational, and want to spend more time working towards their goals, rather than socialising.
So there we have it.
We thought that human interaction would make people happier, but it turns out intelligent people are better off alone.
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進化心理学者の金沢とリーは普通わたしたちは他人と一緒に過ごすことでもっと幸せに感じているのに対し、非常に頭の良い人たちはこのルールに当てはまらないとを発見しました。 心理学者は、古代人のライフスタイルは、近代において私たちを幸せにすることに基づいていると言います。心理学者の研究は18歳から28歳の、15,000人の成人を対象に行われ、結果は驚くものではありませんでした。人口密度の高い地域に暮らす人々は、人口密度があまり高くない地域に暮らす人々と比べて一般的に自分たちの生活にあまり満足していないという結果が出ました。
この研究結果は、知識のある人々に精査されたときに、実際には減少したか、意外なことに、真逆の状態にさえなりました。 言い換えれば、賢い人々が友人と時を過ごす時はあまり幸せではありません。

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