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[Translation from Japanese to English ] "I can't understand you. Well, I'll therefore make a more and more real story...

scintillar Translated by scintillar
"I can't understand you. Well, I'll therefore make a more and more real story"

Should me and my friend who I'm always together with talk about the true intentions of our families or lovers? Aren't there words for both of them which encapsulate each other's hurt feelings, and the fear of being separated? Agreeing with others in order to protect ourselves seems likely to be the secret of success in life which we rely on, regardless of the age.
However, by hiding our true feelings with that kind of forced smile, won't we experience a kind of uncomfortable feeling? "I can't understand you" are the words that we have settled on to stop any forced smiles, and express our true feelings unhindered by anything. We should communicate only with that sort of thing as a starting point. Maybe our feelings are hurt. However, more than being in agreement on the fashions and situations which are going around, rather, by knowing each other more deeply, we can think about reducing the distance between us. This exhibition covers student writers' works, and raises questions about weakened human relations, attempting to look hard at oneself amidst our relations with others. Our age is one in which we are affected most strongly by the diffusion of mobile telephones and the internet, and one of the images reflected in the modern age is that of purposely insisting on foghorn communication.
I'll be happy if this exhibition can give everybody an opportunity to re-examine themselves with regards to their relations with other people. Regarding exhibiting the works in the planned exhibition and the use of copyright (request)

On this occasion, we are holding the student writers' exhibition "Communication which begins to unfold from I can't understand you" at Sagamihara Public Gallery, in line with the intentions of the students. This is an exhibition for which the preparations have been advanced by the hand of the students themselves, and certainly feel it is their works which are put on exhibit. In addition, we'd be happy if you can agree, for publicity purposes, that snapshots of the works are published according to copyright. If you have the chance one way or another, even if you're busy, we'd be extremely grateful, so thank you very much indeed. Student writers' exhibition according to the students' plans
At this gallery, there was a call for participation centred on the students at the arts university in this neighborhood, and an art exhibition was planned by the students themselves that were brought together, and for one year they promoted the administrative workshop "Exhibition Program". We are searching around for the availability of young arts officials and young writers that will carry the arts world on their shoulders from now on, through projects brimming with the modern feeling of the student staff, and the new expression of the young writers.
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このたび相模原市民ギャラリーにおきまして、学生企画による学生作家の展覧会「わたしはあなたが理解できない展一そこから始まるコミュニケーションー」を開催いたします。これは学生たちが自分たちの手で準備を進めてきた展覧会ですが、ぜひこれに貴殿の作品をご出品いただきたく存じます。また、広報活動のため、作品写真の掲載など著作権につきましてもご承諾いただけたら幸いです。何かとご多忙の折、誠に恐縮とは存じますが、よろしくお願い申し上げます。 学生企画による学生作家の展覧会

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