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[Translation from Japanese to English ] (1) Only sole whale living in the deep sea. It can dive up to 2000m depth of ...

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(1) Only sole whale living in the deep sea. It can dive up to 2000m depth of deep ocean.
(2) A big carnivorous dinosaurs having lived in the North America in the Mesozoic, the end of Cretacerous Period.
(3) The smallest self-styled nation in the world advocating the structural object is their territory. The population is 4.
(4) It is considered that the fever of the body was vented from its tail and neck.
(5) The biggest animal species whose chirp sound is also the biggest in the world.
(6) The Arc de Triomphe in Charles de Gaulle square in France.
(7) A compound animal acting as one living substance which consists of different individuals.
(8) Its current name is Sphinx, but its original name when it was made is still unknown.
(9) It is considered as a ritual monument related with heliolatry.
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