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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Hey u send me item by parcel force and they ask me to pay another £35.35 why ...

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Hey u send me item by parcel force and they ask me to pay another £35.35 why is that for , you should a tell me earlier about this charges . Listen I don't this parcel now and you tell me how much it cost you to send my address you should tell me earlier about this kind of charges
I bought jeans from Australia for £56 worth and they also deliverd by Parcle force they didn't charge me any custom ?? Why for ur item I have to pay this why don't look for this before you send to me .. Tell me to return ur item ,

Dear seller. Please I need you to confirm me if the [NEW Olympus TCON-17X Tele Converter ]is Original Olympus?It comes in original box? Since there is no product description.
Translated by 3_yumie7

販売者様。[NEW Olympus TCON-17X Tele Converter ]には商品説明がありませんので、本物のオリンパスの商品なのか、元の箱に入ってくるのか確認していただきますようお願いいたします。

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