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[Translation from Japanese to English ] There is one person of Mr. ZURU who isn't worn and the called Sixteen Discipl...

kazushi Translated by kazushi
The Rennkei temple has one of Sixteen Arhats(sixteen great disciples of Buddha) called Obinzuru, also known as stroked Buddha.
He helped the person who is handicapped or didease in the divine power, Chastened greedy people and curmudgeon, preached the teachings of Buddha to people who has worries in mind,and saved a lot of people.

It is said that if you stroke yourself with your hand which you touched the body of Obinzuru by, your disease heal and you become smarter. This is the origin of the stroked Buddha.
We repaint once every twenty five years because Obinzuru in Rennkei temple is stroked by a lot of people.
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