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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Eat the soba by swiping on the screen upwards. If satiety goes up, you will b...

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命を賭して通勤ラッシュに挑むFPS(※First Person Soba)ゲーム「i立ち食いそば」


舞台は架空の都市、東京。勤務地である架空の駅、新宿にたどり着くには7:28の急行電車に乗らないと間に合わない。 日本のビジネスマンは、会社への遅刻は死を意味する。また朝ごはん抜きも死を意味する。



箸ホルダーからマイ箸を取り出し、仲間たちと共に駅そば屋へ駆け込みテーブルへ着き「かけそば!」 画面上へスワイプしてそばを喰らえ。満腹度が上がれば満員電車に乗る準備もできるだろう。空腹のまま乗車する?それは死を意味する。




Translated by fujisawa_2014
- Game description
Led the soldiers to the soba station!
They risk their lives to challenge the commuter rush FPS (※ First Person Soba) game "i stand-up soba"

My brother said, "Oh, I ... when I complete this project I will be a full-time employee..." and disappeared inside the railroad. A few years later, Shin Wada grown as a Japanese businessman and has reached the station turned into a battlefield during the rush hour.

The stage is a fictional city, Tokyo. The work location is a fictional station, to reach Shinjuku, you have to get into the express train at 7:28.
For Japanese businessmen, being late to the company means death. Skiping breakfast t also means death.

There is bad news and good news.
The bad news is that he came out without eating breakfast. To make matters worse, the whole team cannot stand hot meals.
The good news is, at that time you are finishing climbing the stairs of the station, it is announced that the train you must ride is waiting for the express to pass and will start in 45 seconds.

Now it's the beginning of the battle!

Take your own chopsticks from their case, rush with your friends into the soba shop and reach the table “Kakesoba!"
Eat the soba by swiping on the screen upwards. If satiety goes up, you will be ready to get on a crowded train. Can you ride being hungry? It means death.

But if you try to fill your belly too soon, you may get hurt by the steaming soba. Reduction of the number of lives due to burns means death. To get blindly into the soba is a bad strategy, try to find the exact combination of lives and pace to eat.

Fellows that for fear of being late take the soba too quickly into their mouths, they will fall down one after another. For the team’s leader, there is nothing sadder than to lose a fellow. But this is a battlefield.
Your belly is full, get out of the shop by swiping the screen from right to left. Please board the train from the nearest door.
Now, there is work waiting for me today. Go for it! Japanese businessmen.
You, who can face this daily routine, you are a hero!

- Game results
• The number of soba eaten
• Remaining lives
• Number of surviving fellows
Time bonus
• Total score
High Scores

- Promotional text
• The morning of the Japanese businessman is a battlefield!
-Hunger is death! Tardiness also!
Please do not rush-to ride.
• You, become a soldier and eat the soba!

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