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yakuok Translated by yakuok
Starry sky wallpaper for iOS7
"Change to a soothing starry photo"
Every week, new stellar photos and constellation photos taken by DSLR camera are added for free! A beautiful collection of Norihiko Maeda, a constellation landscape photographer who is known for his blog "Landscape Photographs with Constellations", is now available as a wallpaper application for iPhone. It is optimized for iOS7 (744 x 1392 pixel) for iPhone5 or later version, and comes with gorgeous wallpapers of starry skies. Those bright breathtaking stars make you feel as if they are swallowing us into the mysterious universe.
Wallpapers are added every Friday. You will be notified of the newly added wallpapers by the push notification.
Save your favorite image on your camera roll and set it as your wallpaper!

*How to set:
Setting > Wallpaper/Brightness > Select Wallpaper > Camera Roll

You can also share the images, so let your friends know about your favorite images!

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星空壁紙 for iOS7-癒される星景写真にきせかえしよう-デジタル一眼レフカメラで撮影された天体・星座写真を毎週無料で追加!


設定 > 壁紙/明るさ > 壁紙を選択 > カメラロール



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