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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Currently, we are putting together the next order list. Also, along side wit...

mnsd0610 Translated by mnsd0610
Currently, we are putting together the next order list.
Also, along side with the order list, we are executing the following plan.

1. Creating a website that specializes in your company's product

At our shop, along with your company's products, we handle many different brands, but separately we also would like to create a website that specializes in your products in order to promote sales and send out information. We will launch the website this month where currently we are preparing to advertise.

2. Translation of Instruction Manual
We would like to publish your company's product's instruction manual.
We have completed the translation and are currently proofing the manual.
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1. 貴社製品に特化したホームページの開設


2. 取扱説明書の翻訳

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Hello! I currently live in San Diego. I was born in Japan but moved to the US when I was 10 months old. In my experience, I have translated manuals...

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