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Greetings. I am Matsumoto. An iPhone app developer in GoldenTime in Japan.
The iPhone free game app "Piyo-up" that has been distributed recently became number 1 in the "Kids" category in the Japan AppStore.
I am sending the news release attachment so I would be happy to introduce your company via media.
Press release : iPhone app review media materials
GoldenTime was able to achieve its long sought goal with the free game app "Piyo-up" thanks to the introduction via various media.
It is to take first place in the "kids" category in the Japan AppStore!
○ iPhone free game "Piyo-up"
A large amount of "Piyo" appeared suddenly in a quiet residential area in the Kantou area. And for the earth not to be buried in "Piyo", a new sense of "lifting action" game to travel to the other side of the sky together with the "Piyo" aiming to breakthrough the atmosphere by tapping.
○Review also have very high ratings!
Within the AppStore average review rating of 4.0, many wrote that they enjoyed the app with the family and the children.
I have gotten warm reviews from many users such as:
"My 3 year old son liked it and is playing it. The pyo pyo is also cute so it's 5 stars w"
"My 2 year old daughter like it very much. I am laughing when Hiyoko has fallen "Mecho" mode Lol "
"It is cure by crushing even the last one. I guess penguins are cuter"
And to go beyond this in the future, I have requested for freedom and became unemployed from this month by enjoying my free time, and put efforts in down to earth promotional activities for "Piyo-up" and recklessly aiming for "Piyo app world number one".
There are screenshots in the following URL you can use for your postings. Please feel free to use.
Thank you very much.

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