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[Translation from Japanese to English ] For those of you who are not good at Roll Playing Games and always lose at th...

m_ochi Translated by m_ochi jianhwa_92 Translated by jianhwa_92
For those of you who are not good at Roll Playing Games and always lose at the battle stage. (this is the way to get the rescue items)

Caution: basically this method is not a proper method. This method is ignoring the concept of this game, therefore its original fun and way of playing can be ruined.

Once you reach the town, please go out from Field Map and go to Balsa Wilds

Give the injured hunter 10 pieces of Black Fur (obtained from BlackWolf)

I get Hunter's Mark so I can get the item sold by equipping it and talking to the street stall
If you use Gunpowder Bomb, which you can buy here, the enemies in the main scenario will be pretty good. Let's bring five full to boss battles that can not be won by any means

Gunpowder Bomb can only be used in the main scenario
It can not be used in EX dungeon after you are clearing the mission
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街についたら、Field Mapに出てBalsa Wildsへ行く

怪我をした狩人にBlack Furを10枚渡す(BlackWolfより入手)

Hunter's Markがもらえるので装備して港の露店に話しかけるとアイテムを売ってもらえる
ここで買えるGunpowder Bombを使えばメインシナリオ中の敵は大体何とかなります。どうしても勝てないボス戦には5個フルに持って行きましょう

Gunpowder Bombはメインシナリオ中のみ使えます

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