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"It's not easy to describe her life, 60 years of which were filled with constant battles," commented Tominori Amano, 79, the former president of the organization dedicating to protect the common land of Oshikusa, at her memorial. He concluded his speech with an appriciation for her long strugle, "thank you so much, now rest in peace."

Born as a child of Oshino farmer, Mie took the position of executive officer of "Mothers of Oshikusa," founded in 1960. Her struggle for the total restitution of the drill field of Kitafuji sometimes resulted in sit-ins inside a hut in the middle of the field where bullets would land. Her action had made a great impact on other civil struggles in Japanese communities. With the support from the hard core faction, Mrs. Amano did not hesitate to engage in guerrilla-like actions, even resulting in fights with the police force.

"The only thought in our mind was to get our ancestor's land back," Fujie Oomori, 83, who had been an active member of "Mothers of Oshikusa," remembers. "We followed because we had persons like Mie and Kimie. Now the two are gone. I feel extremely sad."

A man who had supported Mrs. Amano's struggle for almost 30 years also tells his memory of her. "She's a person of powerful faith and deep compassion. She used to share her experiences with us in order to boost our spirit." Her eldest daughter, Megumi Hiratsuka, 57, commented, "When she wasn't engaging in her activity, she was a mother full of gentleness. She was a --
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