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[Translation from Japanese to English ] The contest audicion has begun. Thank you everyone for your participation...

sl_translator Translated by sl_translator
The contest audicion has begun.

Thank you everyone for your participation to the contest, the application period was closed in September 30th.
From October 1st, today onward, the audiction period starts.

The ranking of this contest is decided by you listeners' votes!
Please press COOL! button if you liked the song. The winner of this contest is decided by the number of COOLs contestants receive during the audicion period.
Up to 20 COOL! is allocated to every audicioner.
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審査期間中、この曲いいね!と思ったらCOOL!ボタンを押してください。 期間中に獲得したCOOL!数で、コンテストの順位が決まります。

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