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[Translation from English to Japanese ] 1.How can you tell that Hughes truly wanted to be 'brought to Christ' (para 1...

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1.How can you tell that Hughes truly wanted to be 'brought to Christ' (para 1)?

2.Why did Hughes finally join the other children who had been 'saved'?

3. What does the fact that Hughes cried after the revival service tell you about him.

4. What is the purpose of the exclamation points after the first three sentences of paragraph 2?

5. Note where Hughes uses direct quotation in the essay. What is the effect of these quatations?

But I was really crying because I could not bear to tell her that I had lied, that I deceived everybody in the church, and I had not seen Jesus, and that now I didn't believe there was a Jesus any more, since he didn't come to help me.

takamichis Translated by takamichis

2. ヒューズが最終的に他の「救われた」子供たちの仲間に加わったのはなぜか?


4. 第2段落の最初の3文の後に置かれている感嘆符は何を目的としたものか?

5. ヒューズがエッセイの中で直接話法を使用している部分に着目すると、それらの直接話法にはどういった効果があるか?


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