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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Non-disclosure agreement ○○○. Inc (referred to as "A" below) and Taro Yama...

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Non-disclosure agreement

○○○. Inc (referred to as "A" below) and Taro Yamada (referred to as "B" below) hereby make an non-disclosure agreement (referred to as "the agreement" below) in regard to the handling of the covert intelligence of "A" that B gains through the work of translation and correction.
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株式会社○○○ (以下、「甲」という。) と、山田太郎(以下、「乙」という。) は、乙が実施する翻訳・校閲業務において、乙が知り得た甲の秘密情報の取扱いについて、次の通り秘密保持契約 (以下、「本契約」という。) を締結する。

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