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An ultracompact instrument made of maple with geared, guitar-style tuners.

Perfect for those who prefer the guitar-style geared tuners on their ukulele, the U-150 offers a gorgeous maple body that's stained mahogany brown, and its fingerboard and bridge are also constructed of maple but stained black. It's complemented by nickel-plated guitar-style 14:1 ratio geared tuning machines for easier tuning. It's every bit as great a value and it comes with the same sturdy gig bag included in the price.
The U-150 is a fine-toned, affordable instrument with a true vintage look and sound.

The lovely dark Mahogany stain in a semi-gloss finish gives the look of a prized, vintage collectible.





renay 英語 → 日本語

assurance that the financial statements are free of material misstatement,whether
caused by error or fraud, Accordingly, a material misstatement may remain undetected.
Also, an audit is not designed to detect error or fraud that is immaterial to the financial

However, we will bring to your attention immaterial misstatements and any
fraudulent of illegal acts of which we become aware during our audit. Pursuant to
professional standards, in the unusual event that we are unable to complete the audit or are
unable to form or have not formed on opinion, we may decline to express an opinion or
decline to issue a report as a result of the engagement.


GAAP (一般に認め られた会計原則) は我々が絶対的というより合理的な、財務諸表にそれが不意であっても故意であっても決定を変えうるほどの誤表記がないという保障をせよと述べている。つまり、決定を変えうる語表記は気づかれないままの場合もありえる。また、会計検査は決定を変ええない程度の間違いや故意の誤表記を探知するようにはできていない。


renay 英語 → 日本語

Those standards also require that we obtain from
certain members of management a representation letter which covers the financial
statements and which affirms that the effects of any uncorrected misstatements are, both
individually and in the aggregate , immaterial to the financial statements taken as a whole.

The results of our audit tests, the responses to our inquiries and the written representations
constitute the evidential matter we intend to rely upon in forming an opinion on the
financial statements. Because of the importance of management’s representation to an
effective audit B INC. agrees to release A and costs relating to the services under this letter
attributable to any misrepresentations by management.




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Brand-new rare and no longer made Mickey Mouse Sorcerer watch with Mickey Mouse on the watch dial and dressed as the sorcerer with the little subdial of revolving characters above him like he is making them appear by waving his magic wand! There is a revolving subdial disk of characters! Unique! This watch is hard to find! It has a stunning shiny gold bezel, gorgeous! It has a shiny gold bezel with leather band and Mickey in the center of the dial! This is one beautiful looking watch! It has a stainless caseback and is shock resistant and water resistant and was manufactured exclusively for the Disney company for the 55th anniversary of FANTASIA and is a marvelous opportunity to own a piece of Disney history.



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3. (Amazon and Only) Set a level to maintain - This setting will send up to the specified amount of quantity to these marketplaces, depending on what is available. This upper limit will be set for all your items being sent to the channel. If you have fewer quantity available than the amount specified the quantity sent for that product will only be the quantity available.
o For example, maintain a level of 10 but only 9 are available for that item - 9 will be sent to the channel.
4. (Amazon and Only) Specify quantity using a custom attribute at the item level - This setting will pull the quantity to maintain for a product from an inventory attribute.


3.(アマゾンとBuy.comのみ)維持するレベルを設定する - この設定では、販売可能数によりますが、特定された数量までこれらのマーケットプレイスに送ることができます。この上限はチャネルに送られた全商品に設定されます。もし特定された数量よりも少ない数量のみ販売可能な商品に関しましては、送られる数量はその販売可能数となります。
4.(アマゾンとBuy.comのみ)商品レベルのカスタム属性を指定する - この設定では、在庫属性から残しておきたい数量を引き出すことが出来ます。