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[日本語からネイティブ 英語への翻訳依頼] ・コーディネートのどこかに必ず”締める色”(濃い色、明度が低い色)を入れましょう ・目立つ色を3色以内に抑えるとオシャレに見えます。 ・白と黄色はオシャ...

・帽子の色はアウターの色のグラデーションで、アウターより濃い色にするとオシャレです。 ・寒色(冷たいイメージを想起させる色)と暖色(火のような、暖かいイメージを想起させる色)の組み合わせは、オシャレな色の組み合わせです。
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・When coordinating, always be sure to add in a color (such as dark or very light colors) to tie it all together.
・Limit yourself to three colors that stand out to been seen as fashionable.
・White and yellow is a trendy color combination.
・Red, green, and black are a trendy color combination.
・Brown and khaki and are a trendy color combination known as 'earth colors.'
・If you combine dull colors, like navy, wine red, khaki, and mustard, you'll end up with a trendy color combination.
・The color of your hat should be determined by a gradation of your outer colors. Darker means trendier.
・When mixed together, cold colors (colors that give an image of coolness) and warm colors (colors that give an image of warmth, like fire) are a trendy color combination
・Blue jeans and yellow or light green tops are a great combination.
・Blue jeans and brown boots are a trendy combination.
・Tank tops with ribbing (vertical strips that expand and contract), as well as plunging u-neck shirts made of jersey cloth, paired with gathered jackets and leather go great together.
・When coordinating, if you use the same color two or more times, you'll look stylish. This is called "picking up color."
・Linen shirts are a summer fashion item.
・Gathered jackets also look great on guys under 40.
・Young people overwhelmingly look cooler when their inner layer has a good neckline
・Combining plain clothes with patterns looks fashionable.
・The longer your hair, the better a cardigan will become you.
・For those with facial hair, fitted jackets, denim jackets, stone-washed jeans, and other manly items will become you.
・Ribbed (vertical strips that expand and contract) tank tops go well with a fitted jacket or leather jacket as the outer layer.
・Beige goes best with either white or black. It makes other colors look dim.
・Down vests and Barkers are a trendy combination.
・Necklaces are the perfect item (accessory) for those who like them, as well as those who have a plunging neckline.
・When coordinating, choose one point (your trendy point) to highlight and then arrange the colors of the rest of your outfit to draw attention to that point.
・U-neck inner layers go well with outer layers (jackets, cardigans) that create a v-neck.
・If your personality is manly and positive, jackets, fitted jackets, jeans jackets, etc., that show off your shoulders will become you.
・If your personality is womanly and passive, knits, cardigans, and other tops that draw emphasis away from your shoulders will become you.

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