[日本語から英語への翻訳依頼] "東京女子流が4度目のJAPANツアーの開催を決定!2度目の武道館にて発表になった4thツアーは、Royal Mirrorball Mixの音源を使ったリ...

"東京女子流が4度目のJAPANツアーの開催を決定!2度目の武道館にて発表になった4thツアーは、Royal Mirrorball Mixの音源を使ったリミックスLIVEを予定!その名の「Royal Mirrorball Discotheque」!


【福岡】東京女子流 4th JAPAN TOUR 2014~Royal Mirrorball Discotheque~

5月17日(土) 【福岡】イムズホール
開場 17:30 / 開演 18:00
チケット:[全席指定]前売 4,000円(税込)
お問い合わせ: キョードー西日本 092-714-0159


0570-02-9999 (Pコード:224-595)

チケットSOLD OUTにつき、当日券の販売はございません。

販売/予約受付スタート:各会場 開場の2時間前から(予定)

5月21日発売シングル『十字架 ~映画「学校の怪談 -呪いの言霊-」 Ver.~』をご予約の方に以下の特典をプレゼント致します。

1枚予約・・・ご当地生写真(1枚) ※商品と一緒にお届け。



3月12日発売アルバム『Mirrorball Flare + Royal Mirrorball Discotheque』を会場でご購入の方にオリジナルポストカード(1枚)を先着でプレゼント致します。

big_baby_duck big_baby_duckさんによる翻訳 nobeldrsd nobeldrsdさんによる翻訳 renay renayさんによる翻訳 masawirry masawirryさんによる翻訳 [削除済みユーザ] [削除済みユーザ]さんによる翻訳 amethyst amethystさんによる翻訳 3_yumie7 3_yumie7さんによる翻訳 hideyuki hideyukiさんによる翻訳
Tokyo Girls' Style has decided to go on the fourth Japan tour! It's planned that they'll perform in a live of remix made with the sound source of Mirrorball Mix on the tour of which they've made an announcement at Tokyo Budo-kan where they've performed for the second time! The name of the live is "Royal Mirrorball Discotheque"! You must see them on the tour that's different from the previous ones!

Here for all the information about the tour and tickets.
(Fukuoka) Tokyo Girls' Style 4th Japan Tour 2014~Royal Mirrorball Discotheque~ May 17 (Sat), Fukuoka IMS Hall
Open/Curtain time : 17:30/18:00
Ticket: All seats reserved . Advance: 4,000 yen (tax-included)
Information: Kyodo Nishi Nippon phone: 092-714-0159

General sale : Tickets will be on sale from March 15 (Fri)
Lawson Ticket
0570-084-008(L code:84074)
Ticket Pia
0570-02-9999 (P code:224-595)

Tickets are all sold out. No tickets available at door. [About CD Sale]
Sale/Advance Order begins 2 hours before the opening. (Schedule might change.)

[Benefit 1]
Customers who purchased the single CD on the May 21st sale, "Jujika~The Movie「Gakko no Kaidan -Noroi no Kotoba-」 Ver.~ " will get the following benefits.

For customers who purchased one CD: A real picture of the place in the film. *I will be sent with the product.
For customers who made an advance order for all three types: A ticket for "Commemorative Photograph Event."
*Customers who have the ticket can join the "Commemorative Photograph Event" which will be held after the performance. Those who participate "memorial photo session" are able to take pictures with the members with your mobile or smartphone.
On the participation ticket, the reference number is written so that please line up as staffs instruct following the reference number given.
Under the instruction of the staffs, a number of persons as a group participates the photo session.

#Only your mobile and smartphone are permitted to use, devices which are considered as a camera is prohibited for this photo session.
#To film a movie is also prohibited. ※ Please be informed that our staffs on the day shall decide the duration of picture taking time for each group.
※ We shall not allow the participants to request member for posing or taking something with them.
※ For those who have multiple tickets, the reference number is valid only for taking part at the first time; from second time, the reference number becomes invalid and those participants shall be lined up at the end of the que.
※ Place of picture taking event (stage/lobby/seats) differs from venue to venue. Our staffs will notify you the place.
*It will be held after the concert.
* About the time of last trains to go home after participating the event, the event organisers will take no responsibility whatsoever. Please make sure you check them in advance and take a part in the event.

[Benefit 2]
When you buy the album "Mirrorball Flare + Royal Mirrorball Discotheque” , which is to be on sale on 12th March, at the event hall, you can win (one) original post card. It is first comes first served.
* The illustrations of the postcard is Hiroshi Matsui and TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE with the stamp of Hiroshi Matsui pressed.

* "Commemorative Photography Session" may be closed prematurely, even if some participants are waiting in queue depending on the situation of the venue.
* Call to the venue may be cause the suspension of the event. So please do not call to the venue.
* Reserving places by putting luggage or sit-in in the facility and venue are disallowed. Please be aware that the instruction of working staffs may be remove you in such a case. ※Please note that the commemorative shooting tickets are not reissued in any case (including lost or stolen).
※The commemorative shooting tickets are valid only for the specified time of the day.
※Any acts such as shooting, recording and video recording artists on the stage are prohibited except the period of time that the staff allowed.
※There are limited numbers of CD reservation/number of sales and each privilege of the day. Those will end when all the stock has been sold. We kindly ask for your understanding in advance. #We only allowed to be paid by cash. Please be aware that we do not accept credit-card payment.
#If you reserved the target goods beforehand, all the payment must be paid in advance.
#Please confirm that "the ways of shipping and receiving at the stores" at the CD selling booths in each concert venue.
#If you chose shipping, shipping cost will be charged to the total cost.
# Please be sure that we do not accept refund once you reserved the goods in advance. The defective goods can be exchanged. ※If you accompany a child who's three years old or older than that and join the special photographing meeting, you will need a ticket to join it separately for him or her.
※Acts like staying in the meeting place all night would be trouble for residents in the neighborhood, so please don't do them. If we find out about the act of all-night stay, it's possible that we will cancel the live.
※You will be charged for the carfare and accommodation etc. that day.
※If it's been decided that carrying out the live is impossible due to inevitable causes like a break-down of an equipment in the meeting place, a natural disaster, and a strike in the traffic, we will cancel it.







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