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tearz English → Japanese
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I am not sure I have sales on eBay and even from outside USA

Let me check with Ebay and get bak to you soon

I just called eBay and talked to a representative there
They said there is no problem on My side
Then he actually went to Ebay Japan and tried to use your screen name and try to check as if he was you and he said he sees no problem and all my items come up
He said it could be your browser on the internet and to try to check that or try to sign in form a different internet browser.

Sorry other see I have no idea what to say and now to solve this

I hoe you can get back on soon






tearz English → Japanese
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The Month of January-1

It was in the month of January, the hills were clad in snow
As over hills and valleys, my true love he did go
It was there he spied a pretty fair maid, with a salt tear in her eye
She had a baby in her arms, and bitter she did cry

"Oh, cruel was my father to bar the door on me
And cruel was my mother, this dreadful crime to see
Cruel was my own true love to change his mind for gold
Cruel was that winter's night that pierced my heart with cold"

Oh, the taller that the palm tree grows, the sweeter is the bark
And the fairer that a young man speaks, the falser is his heart
He will kiss you and embrace you, 'till he thinks he has you won
Then he'll go away and leave you all for some other one






tearz English → Japanese
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Good day, I understand that you want us to charge the buyer $269.99 because the tracking now shows delivery confirmation, on October 26, 2020.

I reviewed the transaction details, I see that the buyer did file a claim for the coin(283974282299) it was decided on September 25, 2020 after the estimated delivery date has expired. We truly appreciate the business you have done with us. I believe that you do not deserve to be in this situation. To avoid this issue in the future, use a more reliable shipping method and have the item delivered by the estimated delivery date.

The best way to go about this and what we strongly recommend is for you to contact the buyer to make arrangements with the refund.



取引詳細を確認したところ、バイヤーは そのコインに関するクレームを申請しており(283974282299)、2020年9月25日に配送予定日が執行したということになりました。弊社とのお取引をいただき誠に感謝しています。私はあなたがこのような状況に置かれるべきではないと考えております。今後このような問題を回避するためにも、より信頼性の高い配送方法を用いて、配送予定日までに届くようにしてください。


tearz English → Japanese
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We’ve seen this happen before with some of our members and we’ve seen success in resolving transaction issues when buyers and sellers communicate. Our buyers are also encouraged and expected to be responsive at all times, as well as, empowered to offer satisfactory resolution to their sellers.

Although you may feel that you did everything to take care of your buyer, we have to maintain our original decision. When eBay makes a decision on a case, we can only use the information available at that time; the original decision was correct based on that information, so the case is not eligible for an appeal. Please note that this decision is final and cannot be changed or escalated.




tearz English → Japanese
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2. Buyer option to write to Amazon: The buyer can write to the relevant team within Customer Service to give authorization for the retrocharge. In the email, the buyer should include the order number and specific permission for Amazon to re-charge their credit card for the order.

Once the buyer's credit card is charged, please be assured that the payment will be credited in your account soon.

Therefore, I request you to please communicate with the buyer to contact Customer Service to get the credit card recharged since a buyer's credit card can only be recharged by Customer Service as they have all the resources to do so.





tearz English → Japanese
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How much importance do you place upon your selection of the pick that you use on creating your style and sound and if it's as important to you as your choice of strings, and other gear?

Some players change strings after every gig, or quite often.
Do you put a lot of wear on a pick before switching to a new one, or do you reach for a new one after just a short period of use?

Please describe how you grip the pick and if you have more than one method of grip and how you change the grip to use different techniques if that's part of your repertoire.

At what point in your guitar playing career did you really start to focus on what type of pick you were using.






tearz English → Japanese
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He suggested that since I have also been a reviewer of guitar albums in the past, that I should interview famous guitar players around the world and write a column explaining the types and styles of picks that players use and how they made their decision.

He said this type of article may be successful in other countries as well, since most interviews cover the guitar player's music, their guitar, pickups, strings, and gear, but do not go into details about their choice of pick.

I am writing some info right now from research that I hope will be of interest to online guitar sites around the world and will send to you when I complete it.
I hope magazines in Japan like YG magazine will be interested.





tearz English → Japanese
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1) That’s the only way to to be successful ○○○ San, be positive and stay focus! Thank you for a solid advise my friend! Hope all is well for you!!!

2) Corona took some years off you life.

3) From the liner notes: "Mother Nature has made the voice of Joyce a mellow alto. Her sister, Gayle, is growing into a strong soprano; brother, Keith into a bass; and sister, Lynne, into a lilting second soprano. Together, they are the 'Mystic Zephyrs 4,' the musical Macleods, one of Ventura County's youngest bands. Mystic, misty, and will-o-the-wisp young, this enchanting sof-rock group has been winning California hearts for three years."


3.ライナーメモより:「母なる大自然はJoyceの声を明るいアルトにしました。彼の女兄弟であるGayleは強力なソプラノに成長しました。男兄弟のKeithはバスに、そして女兄弟のLynneも明るいセカンドソプラノになりました。彼らは「Mystic Zephyrs 4」という呼ばれ、音楽業界でMacleodsというVentura郡で最年少のバンドの一つです。Mistic、Misty、will-o-the-wisp young、そしてこの魅惑的なソフトロックグループは過去3年にわたりカリフォルニアの人たちを虜にしています。

tearz English → Japanese
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1)We confirm receipt of your signed e-file authorization form and your FBAR FinCEN 114 is in queue for e-filing. We will post a copy of the confirmation report on KPMG LINK account once your FBAR has been successfully e-filed.
Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.

2) Further to our email below, your 2019 Federal and California tax return will need to be paper filed while your FBAR will be electronically filed. Accordingly, if you have not already done so, please be sure to sign, date, and mail the Federal and California tax return to the respective tax authorities using the filing instructions included with the tax return package.


1) 署名いただいた電子ファイル認証フォームとFBAR FinCEN 114を電子ファイル用のキューにて受領確認しました。あなたのFBARを電子ファイル化した後、確認レポートのコピーをKPMG LINKアカウントに掲示します。他にご質問等あればご連絡ください。


tearz English → Japanese
Original Text

As a kind reminder, your 2019 US Report of Foreign Bank Accounts (FBAR) must be filed electronically. The e-file form was included along with your US returns in the same PDF package. In order to submit the FBAR for e-filing by the July 15th deadline, we must receive your signed authorization form by this Friday, July 10th.

Please print, sign, and re-upload the form back to your KPMG LINK account at your earliest convenience. If you do not have access to a printer but can digitally sign the form, please let us know and we will provide you with an unprotected copy so you can add your e-signature.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. 


念のため、あなたの2019年度のUS Report of Foreign Bank Accounts (FBAR)は電子文書として記入が必要です。電子ファイルフォームは同じPDFパッケージにあなたのUS returnsと同封されていました。FBARを7月15日の締め切りまでに電子文書として記入するためには、今週金曜日7月10日までに署名の上あなたが承諾した書式をこちらに提出頂く必要があります。

そのフォームを印刷、署名、アップロードして、なるべく早くあなたのKPMG LINKアカウントに宛てて返送ください。プリンターがお手元にないがデジタル署名可能ということであればご一報ください。あなたの電子署名を加筆できるように保護解除をした文書のコピーをお送りします。


tearz English → Japanese
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He gave some verses adapted to the melody entitled 'Oh the snaw it melts the soonest,' and describes it as 'An air that has been familiar to me since I was 'penny-can high,' as the saying is' but the merit of which I was never aware of until now. I have forgot what we used to call it, but it now goes by the name of 'My Love is Newly Listed'. It is just one of those ditties which Gay would have put into the Beggar's Opera. Monotonous, yet original--full of mannerism, yet with a vein of unexpected feeling--it embodies, in a faint degree, that mixture of passion which is at the top of what you call 'musical expression." (Bruce & Stokoe).


彼は「Oh the snaw it melts the soonest」という題名のメロディーにのせる歌詞をくれて、「自分が「penny-can high」だった頃から馴染みのある空気(雰囲気)」そのものであったと表現していますが、その恩恵について私は今の今まで気づくことがありませんでした。自分たちがそれをどのように呼んでいたかは忘れてしまいましたが、今は「My Love is Newly Listed」という名前で知られています。それはGayがBeggars Operaに組み込んだであろう流行曲の一つ似すぎません。モノトーンかつオリジナル、マンネリズムに満ち溢れながらも予測不可能なフィーリングを持ち合わせていますーーわずかながら、あなたが言う「音楽表現」の頂点に立つ入り混じった情熱を体現しているのです(Bruce & Stokoe)。