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We strive to offer our customers the best deal possible, and that is why
the majority of our items already have a reduced list price. We also
have our Wayfair Rewards Program, which gives 3% back on every purchase!
Because of this, we are unable to negotiate the price of our neon clock.
It can be purchased today for $55.00, which actually saves you $39.95
off the average retail price!

We do accept payments from PayPal and you can actually select this
option during the checkout process. For additional information on the
different payment options we accept here at Wayfair, please click here.


また、Wayfair Rewards プログラムにより、お買い上げごとに3%を還元させていただいております!


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1.Whom do you think the chief will pick as the new vice president?
2.Who do you think should get the job?
3.What role might impression management play?

1.What are the implications of the facts and statistics in this case for managers?
2.As a prospective manager, how might you take account of declining employee loyalty in your approach to supervising workers?

1.Who is primarily to blame for Dubler's unfortunate firing: the president, Reeves, Dubler?
2.Did the grapevine have a positive or negative impact in the case?
3.Considering what you now know about organizational communication, what advice would you give the president? Reeves? Dubler?


1. 所長は、新しい副社長として誰を選ぶと思いますか?
2. 誰がその職につくべきだと思いますか?
3. 印象操作によりどのような影響が考えられるでしょうか?

1. マネージャーたちにとってこの場合、事実と統計データはどのような意味をもつでしょうか?
2. マネージャー候補として、労働者を監視するというあなたの取り組みにおいて、従業員の会社への忠誠心の低下をどのように考慮しますか?

1. 不幸にもDubler が解雇されてしまったことについて、主に誰に責任があるでしょうか:社長、Reeves, Dublerのうち誰でしょう?
2. 今回の場合、うわさは良い影響または悪い影響を及ぼしたでしょうか?
3. 組織内のコミュニケーションについてわかったことを考慮して、社長にどのような助言をしますか?ReevesとDublerにはどうでしょうか?

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I graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts. My first art exhibit I set while still at school (collage exhibition) and this was the reason why I decided to study arts. The design as profession I chose because it seemed promising profession.

I discovered painting while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts.
To prepare for accession to the Academy of Fine Arts, I attended painting and drawing courses. I painted still alive mostly. And it seemed pointless. I always asked myself : Why should we paint this if we can just take a picture? But when I was in 3rd year, we received an interesting ask. I had to paint abstraction, which depicted a living thing.



芸術アカデミーに入学するために、絵画やスケッチのコースを受講しました。主に静物画 (still lifeの間違いかと思います)を描いていましたが、意味がないことのように思えました。いつも「なぜ写真を撮るようにこれを描かなければならないのだろう?」と自問していました。しかし、3年生のとき、おもしろい課題が出ました。抽象画で生き物を描くことになったのです。

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what i suggest is that you are calling the beginning time. yes?
if you have the room for 2 1/2 or 3 hours.
name the topic of exploration and everyone silently explores for about 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours.
then each person can report her/his experience in their exploration. no comments are needed.
just the person stating what their own experience was and everyone else listens.
that might take 1/2 hour or another hour.

and that will be the session.

that would be a good first session.
and depending how that goes i have other suggestions for the other times.

Tomoko-san, i don't understand what you are asking here:
"*Am I inducing you depending the atmosphere and the tendency case by case?"





"*Am I inducing you depending the atmosphere and the tendency case by case?"

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CPSC has already issued mandatory standards for infant walkers, infant bath seats, toddler beds, full / non-full size cribs, portable bed rails and play yards.

An infant swing is defined as a stationary unit with a frame and powered mechanism that enables an infant to swing in a seated position. An infant swing is intended for use with infants from birth until a child is able to sit up unassisted.

The final rules, designated as 16 CFR 1223, will require each infant swing that is manufactured or imported on or after May 7, 2013, to comply with the requirements of ASTM F2088-12a with two modifications as listed below.




最終規則、16 CFR 1223は、2013年5月7日以降に製造または輸出される全ての乳児用スウィングに対し、以下に述べる2か所の改良と、ASTM F2088-12a の要求事項に従うことを義務付ける。

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Yes I double checked the tracking number and have no idea why it shows delivered in a different state than yours. I checked my paypal account for the purchased shipping label and it does show:

as the destination... I have no idea what happened in transit at all. All I could think to do is file the insurance on it and have usps try to figure out where my package ended up and refund the money to you.
There should be a message in your inbox for the insurance claim on the item.
I beleive you have to click accept on your end to start the process.
I also contacted them directly through my email and am awaiting a response




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Cook said Apple's main goal in developing the iPhone's screen is to provide the highest quality display for users. That applies to quality, color reproduction, power consumption, longevity, and a multitude of other factors.

Competitors that are producing handsets with jumbo-sized displays are sacrificing many of those important factors, Cook argued. He said Apple would never cut corners to release a product with a subpar display, but hinted that the company could reverse course as screen technology improves.

"We would not ship a larger display iPhone while these trade-offs exist," Cook said during his company's quarterly earnings conference call on Tuesday.





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Later, a dark episode- Antonius arrested certain of the veteran soldiersTo remove a rival was to remove a potential ally. However it was, Antonius took alarm. Rome was becoming untenable. If he lingered until the expiration of his consular year, he was lost.Then Plancus would raise no difficulties about Comata. His enemies might win the provincial armies.Turning to the person and family of the revolutionary, he invoked both the traditional charges of unnatural vice with which the most blameless of Roman politicians, whatever his age or party, must expect to find himself assailed, and the traditional contempt which the Roman noble visited upon the family and extraction of respectable municipal men.


後に暗い出来事 - アントニウスは一部の退役兵士を逮捕した。ライバルを排除するということは、仲間となる可能性のあるものを排除することでもある。そうではあるが、アントニウスは不安を感じていた。ローマは指示を失いつつあった。もしも執政官の職が失効するまで手をこまねいていたら、負けるかもしれない。そして、PlancusはComataに何の問題も感じなくなるだろう。敵が地方軍に勝利するかもしれない。革命家となり、そのファミリーとなり、彼は、伝統的にこの時代に生きるかまたは彼の党に所属するほとんどの罪のないローマの政治家が責めを受けている、人情に背く罪により自分が激しく非難されるであろうことと、伝統的にローマの貴族が家族に負わせ、尊敬すべき内政に係る人々を排除している侮蔑を呪った。

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I have boxed reels for sale and I can send you pictures of boxes and reels or list them on ebay and you can have a go at bidding.
I have 505 in box smooth paint finish £100 plus postage, pictures I can send to you if you wish, nice reel spanner oil bottle and casting weight + paperwork
Look forward to your reply.
The 5 oak stands will be here on Friday so over the weekend I can polish them for you, The cost of the stands will be £37.50 plus postage, I need to weigh the box to work out the cost of shipping so dont worry about sending any money yet, I will get back to you when I know the total price.