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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] An app that makes it easy to check Google news quickly. You can easily check ...

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An app that makes it easy to check Google news quickly. You can easily check news from every news site. It is OK to check current affairs just with this app!


- Batch download articles
Because when the batch is renewed, all the articles are downloaded, you can quickly check the articles and go.

※Excluded to supported sites. We are sequentially expanding the sites this app supports.
- Pleasant flick operation
On the article screen, it is possible to quickly switch between articles by flicking.
This can be easily managed even on the long and narrow iPhone 5.

- Simple and easy-to-use user interface.
With a clean screen that has gotten rid of unnecessary buttons, you can concentrate on the articles themselves.

- It is easy to share articles you like on Twitter and Facebook.
Because it uses the built-in iOS account, you can easily use this as there is no need to log in.

Result of Translation in Conyac

Number of Characters of Requests:
Translation Language
Japanese → English
Translation Fee
Translation Time
about 12 hours