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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Dear Client , We are really sorry that for some reason you are not satisfied!...

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Dear Client ,
We are really sorry that for some reason you are not satisfied!
In order to answer your request you can find inside the attachment of this message the following photos:
- photo with the ZIND and product number underline in red. You can google the code AA to see on internet that this is the same product
- you can switch ON the NFC on your phone and put it over the label as shown on the photo. There will be a link that you have to push over and you will be able to check the authenticity of the product direct to the MONDO website (check website address) . You can do the same over the logo badge.
The custom charges are related to the price of the DHL shipping and not the product price.
We can make a refund!

Translated by lissymarte

- 赤で下線が引かれたZINDと製品番号の写真。このコード「AA」でインターネットで検索すると、同じ製品であることが確認できます。
- 携帯電話のNFC機能をONにし、写真に表示されたラベルの上にかざします。リンクが表示され、それをクリックすると、製品の正規性を直接MONDOのウェブサイト(ウェブサイトアドレスをご確認ください)で確認できます。また、ロゴのバッジでも同じことができます。

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