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[Translation from Japanese to English ] It's been a while, Brian - How are you? I am fine, but I finally succumbed t...

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結局仕事に追われて、それ以外に何かをしていた記憶がないです。 これは私だけではなく、メンバー全員そうでしょうね。

Translated by karekora
It's been a while, Brian - How are you?
I am fine, but I finally succumbed to Coronavirus in February. I was vaccinated for the 3rd time the other day, so with this 'fourth' dose I am near invincible!

We opened a pastry shop in Shinjuku in October and another in Shibuya Mark City in February.
It was very difficult to prepare for as the opening continued for only a short period of time. This said, I am relieved I managed to open it without issue!
I was so busy with work that I don't remember doing anything else!
This is not just for me, but for all the members.

And as an aside, the photos you sent me were very nice! The majesty of Canada is well conveyed!
I have never been to Canada. I would like to visit one day so I can blend in with nature. I would like to see you again this year in Bangkok, Japan or Canada.

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