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[Translation from Japanese to English ] He had no history of regular visit to medical institution. After his previous...

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彼は医療機関への定期通院歴はなく、前医では心房細動と便潜血陽性、鉄欠乏性貧血を指摘され、心アミロイドーシスとWaldenström's macroglobulinemiaの疑いがあり当院血液内科に紹介受診となった。家族には特記すべき病歴はありませんでした。彼は両側に軽度浮腫は認められたが、胸部所見や神経学的所見に異常は認められませんでした。求心性心肥大と頻脈性心房細動が心不全の急性増悪の要因と考えられた。
Translated by hototogisu
He had no history of regular visit to medical institution. After his previous doctor pointed out atrial fibrillation, occult blood-positive and iron deficiency anemia, he was introduced to hematology of this hospital as there is suspicion of heart amyloidosis and Waldenström's macroglobulinemia. There was no remarkable medical history for his family. Though recognized light edema on both sides for him, no abnormity in chest finding and neurologic finding. Concentric hypertrophy and tachycardiac atrial fibrillation were considered to be causes of acute exacerbation of cardiac insufficiency.

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