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This module takes you through how to insert glass eyes and is only required if you’re working with an open eyed sculpt. This is my preferred method to insert glass eyes but you can feel free to put eyes in through the back if you would prefer. I recommend full round German glass eyes. It’s important to always selecting the highest quality glass eyes as you want the effect to look the most realistic. Acrylic eyes aren’t worth it, they almost always make your baby look “doll like”.

To insert your eyes, you’ll also want your vinyl to be warm to the touch (pop the head in your convection oven for 4-8 mins). If the vinyl is particularly hard you’ll want to bake for the full 8 mins. Make sure to cut the flap inside the eye socket with your vinyl cutting knife before inserting. And position based on your preference. If your vinyl is warm, and you are gentle inserting the eyes, you will not damage the vinyl by inserting this way. If you’re concerned, you can also always insert from within the head, but it is significantly harder to do with full rounds.
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