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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Please answer about A below. 1. If test is conducted for authorization a....

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1. 承認試験実施の有無
a. 実施 b. 未実施 ※当てはまる方に丸を付けてください。

2. 未実施の場合、その理由

- タッチパネル操作による全自動運転。もしくは各機器の手動操作。

- センサーによる測定値を基にシステムが電力供給量を自動制御。
Translated by steveforest
May we ask you our question for the following?
1 Implementation of the testing for approval.
a Implemented
b Not implemented
Please circle the criteria.

The operation
Automated full operation by a touch panel or operating manually for each equipment.

The control of power consumption.
Automated control of the power supplying by a system based on the measured value of the sensor.

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