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[Translation from Japanese to English ] ・To place Amida Nyorai in the center for the religion, and place Kanzeon Bosa...

setsuko-atarashi Translated by setsuko-atarashi
・To place Amida Nyorai in the center for the religion, and place Kanzeon Bosatsu and Seshi Bosatsu on both sides of Amiza Nyorai, the form is called Amiza Sanson. Amiza Nyorai a Buddha leading the dead to paradise. Kanzeon Bosatsu represents "mercy" of Buddha, and Seshi Bosatsu represents "wisdom" of Boddha.

・Niida Nigumi Amida Sanson Magaibutsu
The two sets carved in line on a rock wall are only one in Japan and very important cultural property.

・To sculpt empossing three Amidas with bordered inward by processing the stone into a plate shape is unique to the stone Buddha found in a part of Fukushima region.
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